Dean — Such a mess

Oh... My... God...

I stopped doing my homework half-an-hour ago to prepare myself to go to bed, i.e. writing, so it's making a mug of soup, a thermos of tea and stuff like that. And I started on it at rhoughly 3:30 pm. It's 2:35 am right now. I can't believe I spent all that time working. And I'm not even finished; I haven't even made half the city. Assignment is to resize our rough from A4 to A3 and correct the mistakes the teacher pointed out.

Don't remember if I mentionned the subject but, well, we had to do cities: either labyrinth city, ideal city or dead end city. Mine was already pretty good: he told me I was on good tracks and the composition worked. The only flaws he pointed out are the two stairs in the potatoid forms (I don't know if you can see them, but well), which is pretty well seeing that there are 13 stairs on the drawing and he sent us a mail to tell us not to do stairs if we didn't master them.

Anyway, what's taking me so much time is that I discovered things that aren't mistake per se, but resized? It looked fugly; for example, I had to replace the stairs in the bottom right of the drawing with a lift and re-cut the border. Also, I'm reshaping the buildings to make the city more lively (even if empty XD) and less lego-like. But the most time-consuming stuff is to make sure the line are straight and parallel. Because, yeah, no rule authorized.

And now onto the request I need to finish before moving onto my NaNo or watching Face Off
Cyberman — We can free you

Really need to get to work XD

So, the first week of holiday is coming to an end and I've haven't done much, homework-related I mean. But at least, we received our timetables and I've now got the order to do it. Though I absolutely need to all get it done by the end of the week: school starts back on Monday, the 10th.

The following week-end, Paris Manga will take place and I'll be working the whole week-end. And frankly, for doing that for the last few years—last year not withstanding—I won't be able to do homework. I don't even know how I'll manage to get out of bed on the following monday XD At least, this time, we're not near the gates and not big draughts to make me one of the sickiest state I've ever been (much to my comfort, that week, the whole staff was sick and part of the artists too). So yeah, very very bad idea not to do almost all the work before.

That being said, I can't wait to be on Paris Manga. It's a biannual con, not only about Japan, but there's a whole sci-fi part and actually, it's the second biggest con after Japan Expo here. Last year, things were rough for us and we could do neither of it (though Boss went because well, network and stuff) and I really really missed it. Plus, it was my way to practice Japanese and I know right now, it completely downgraded.

NOW. Complete other subject. I saw Dark Water. And. I'm not surprised in any way. Everything naturally clicked as things went on. And well, just just brilliant. I loved every bit of it. And for once in a very long time, for a finale, I got nothing to complain about. Pacing was good, no inconsistency in the story. Twas really really great and really, I was already a big fan of the relationship between Clara and Twelve, didn't know it could grow even more on me, but somehow, it did. Plus! Missy! AND CYBERMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Only complain I can make is that sometimes, lighting (or sloppy editing) makes the armor look a bit too foam-y (to be fair, I think they use foam to make them). But that's just a detail.

Also, I'm doing the NaNoWriMo again this year o/ Got a request to finish before getting completely to it, though I'm thinking of integrating the request into my NaNo. But I got one week to think about it before having to decide. And there are still a lot of projects to pick through so I'm not worried. The one who's gonna be worried is my Sleeping Time XD
Clara & Twelve — Gotcha

Shoot for the stars!

First, great news! Got internet back. And new Lush bath thingies! Shoot for the stars being the name the bath ball I just dropped into the water (colors the water deep blue and makes a lovely red, blue, yellow and green foam).

Had to choose between reason and passion, as in working because tomorrow I'll be out during the day—movie day with Lulu, Horn in the morning, and Dracula in the afternoon, but I told her I'd work the hours inbetween—vs a bath as a treat to myself for surviving that hell of a week.

No but really, I must slept 12 hours at the most. And definitely slept 1 hour from friday tuesday to friday.

But you know what? Completely worth it. My Mad Hatter? Frufru—the teacher, well, real name is Fruish but I like how Frufru sounds. Funnily enough, it's also what Aku says instead of frustration and everything frustation-related XD—told me he absolutely loved it, was impressed at all the elements in it, though the composition was a bit confusing in result, and how there were always things to see (like Cheshire hiding in the hat). That I should've centered the Hatter (he was supposed to be centered, but I kinda failed during the inking). I didn't get the best grade, but I got a pretty good one. And I'm the only one he insisted he was waiting to see what I'd do next. Yeeeeeah, pressure XD

Then, Castellano (persp and axio, the cubes and grids guy) told me the scenery we had to do with.... well, cubes and simple geometrical forms I'd done was really great. As for the other subject, composition was great and efficient (but a problem because I didn't use the good side of the sheet and a few other technical things). BUT MORE IMPORTANT: nothing on my grids! This is so so so great! I mean, grids have been a hell for me to trace so it's so cool to get better and have the teacher acknowlegde that by not commenting.

The only not-great, not-on-the-top-of-the-class grade I had was for the chromatic circle we painted in class last week, but I really didn't put effort into it so, not surprising. And to finish with good things and more pressure, obs drawing. I already knew the teacher was looking forward to mine because I had the best grade in last work and he knew I was familiar with both art déco and the restaurant. And well, critized he did, pointing out everything done wrong, while saying 'It's strong so I'm being nitpicky'. But I'm being unfair, he told the good thing too (clearly art-déco, something of me in it). And he ended with 'but I know you can do much better than that'. And well, he gave the drawings back, he kept some of it (apparently to show them to other teachers), mine included.

Good sign.

And more pressure XD I mean, now, I can't really afford to fail with the teachers expecting much of me. But I couldn't be happier because all the hours spent on my homework are working. And no matter how exhausting, I'm having so much fun (yes, even if I spend all the time complaining XD Not on LJ though XD).

Also, another very positive thing is my relationship with my father is getting a bit better for now. Because since he came back (went to Mada for three weeks to take care of my grandmother's burial and then, holidays/family matters) on tuesday, he saw I was working my ass off for this, and he understood that art prepa is as hard as scientific prepa and the rhythm has nothing to envy to the last, which both of my brothers did before integrating one of the best engineering schools—basically, here, university is shit. What we call the Grandes Écoles/Great Schools are equivalent to the Ivy League. To be accepted in them, most people go to two preparatory classes that lasts two years, then have to enter competitions then pass interviews. My brothers did that and my father wanted me to do that. And I think he thought that art prepa was going to be some epitome of laziness, until he realized that I had classes from 9am to 5pm, then that I'd go home, rest for a bit. Work until dinner, eat without them if it was getting to late (as in later than 8:30pm when I'd eat whenever my father was back home from work before, so at 10 most of the time), then back to work until it's finished, somewhen from 2am to 6am. So yeah, he's happy to see me invested, albeit very worried about my lack of sleep (though he does have misconceptions about how much sleep I really need and still think that the time I'm getting up is the one I wake up at XD). So, he's trying his best to be supportive.

And he bought me a new book and Pokémon figurines today, while we were doing groceries o A o Well, I first intended to pay them myself, because twas the treats from me to me and my father had already bought the Lush bath thingies but he also payed for them.

So yeap, things are working very well for me. And I found a way to  catch up with series: putting them on while I'm working. It's more listening to them than watching, but still works wonders (though I give to DW my full attention).


PS 2: Was making the comment to Azzie. During 'Mummy on the Orient Express', there's a small error/'writers did not do their researches well enough'. When the Doctor says to Clara, "You can't really tell if something's an addiction till you try and give it up", it's not true. Last time I checked, after the Ponds left him (and some more adventuring), he went sulking in his TARDIS in the Victorian era for a while. During which, he did nothing but sulk. So yeah, he did gave up adventuring for some time, though addiction got the best (and worse) of him. And Clara too. Bless her.
Rocket — Badass

Still no internet

So I had to go to the Anti-café to download the visual dvlpt lesson: the teacher sent us a zip file, which I can normally open on my phone but not here. And well, man, that file! XD There's the lesson of course, but also dozen of references and examples, which will be really really helpful for the abstract work. I think we're all gonna be thankful, even more when half the class (me included) dozzed/slept through the lesson.
For our defense: most of us finished the homework at ungodly hours (I went to bed at 5:30am that day, only to wake up an hour later), and he was late and completely forgot to give us a pause (well, he remember an hour after the pause time XD). And I can assure you that more than 3 hours in a row, of symbolism of lines and forms isn't a sleep proof subject at all XD

Also, I wanted to watch all the series I couldn't watch (since they all started exactly the day there was no internet), but couldn't because I began working on my cinema homework. And since Fea asked to see it, here is it o/

Not satisfied with Groot at all, but at least he wasn't as tiring to do as Gamora and Peter. Funnily enough, Drake was the easiest, followed by Rocket. And yeah, I'm stupid: I had to choose a thing that'd be complicated to do + do it with much more details than necessary (but I missed drawing characters they're the first characters I do for school *happy flailing*).
Eleven — Reading


It's only the beginning but well, it's rough. The schedule I mean: not-so-slowly, we can see the workload pilling up XD Still, I've been able to keep up with everything and also keeping some time for gaming or reading, anything that isn't work, though couldn't keep in touch with online life. I swear, I'm gonna succeed one day! And I miss you, and the daily convos so I'd better get better at that soon.

Anyway, so first 'big' assignment was in visual development and graphic. We had to chose a scene from a fairytale/fable/legend and make an illustration using China ink. Silhouettes only and black and white (no shades of grey allowed at all).

That's the kind of thing he wanted us to do:

They're made by last year's AP and if not the best graded, they are his favorites and he explained us what was very cool with them and the kind of stuff he expected: not the drawing level (since it's not proper drawing because silhouettes XD), but well, he explained what was very cool with it and the kind of stuff he expected: not the drawing level (since it's not proper drawing because silhouettes XD), but the composition and depth, how many levels we could do, playing with the black and white.

Also, we had one week to do it.

I started sketching the same day, for the first of my ideas, Alice in Wonderland. At that point, I didn't think I'd choose it because it's so classic (plus, it was in the example he showed us) and I really wanted to do some Norse mythology scene, or one from the Little Prince. Anyway, the goal was also to make a draft in order to get used to China ink since my last adventures weren't really satisfactory.

And I came up with the thing on the left. Which wasn't satisfying at all but helped me see what exactly I wanted: the mad hatter profile. And profile silhouette is one of my drawing kinks. As is Eleven's profile.

Well, when I came up with the final base composition four days later (last Friday), choosing to a big profile and the whole thing in it. Aaaaaand the mad hatter kinda morphed into Eleven XD I swear I didn't do it on purpose! XD I like that compo, though I found it a tad messy, and finally made my mind on keeping that. Have to admit that my mates found the idea really really and were all enthusiastic about it.

I didn't touch it again before the day before de date though. The final art took me hours since I had to redraw, change some things and ink it. Plus, took me forever because I kept modifying things.

Completely worth it though. It came out really really nice. Mates were completely awed and loved it (they did great things too o/) and I think the teacher will like it. At least, the compo is original XD

And (since Azzie was asking me if I'd post it), here it is o/

And as a random note: thanks gods for 3G, because we got no internet home right now XD

Well, 'm getting up in less than 3 hours, so nighty night!

Twelve — Time & Space

Wow, that's long

Dudes, that first day? Completely rad! Well, I woke up very much in time and was out of bed very much in time too. No problem on that part at all.

And next installment of the 'How to meet new people in the funniest ways' saga. So, yesterday's morning classes weren't on the Bastille campus, but in Montreuil, in Paris' suburbs; not that far but the place isn't as easy to find as the Bastille campus and twas the first time I went there.

I was getting out of the station when I saw a guy watching the gates waringly after his ticket got rejected, completely lost probably freaking out. And I noticed the map they'd gave us in his hand. So I went out, asking myself what to do and decided to help the poor guy.

So I went just in front of the gates, waved, was like 'Yoh, dude, c'mere!' and gave him my transport card so he could get out. And we walked together to the building. He's not in my class but seems like our classes will spend quite a lot of time together since they have the same classes and teachers: for example, we had history of styles while they had history of art, then we switched. Can also tell he's a bit shy so at least, he'll have someone to speak to during the pauses (and an easier way to meet other people).

As for now, we know the general theme of this semester (for our projects) is the 17th and 18th centuries Paris, which is completely awesome. Not my beloved 19th century, but, still completely rad! Voltaire, Louis XIV, Versailles, classic and baroque art movements, Mozart, French Revolution? It's that period.

English was pretty cool too. I was kinda wary about that because I haven't gone to a single English class for the last four years and was afraid of how the teacher would be (since it's not uni, I can't skip it). Teacher is an American and insisted we call her by her first name, likes Star Treck. Most of all, she emphasized the fact she wanted us to speak more than anything and that we weren't vulcans and it'd be more relaxed and we wouldn't be doing endless grammar rules.

For the first English class, we were by groups of two, three or four (by tables to be precise) and five minutes to speak with each others, then would've to introduce to others.

Twas really funny and we learnt funny things concerning the class as a whole XD 

1) first thing that came up about me was my love for Doctor Who XD also there are quite a few other fans too! Even one who's following season 8 right now *dances*
2) as one of my classmates put it "like about 90% of people here, he [the one he was introducing to us] loves video games", which is unsurprising because ISART is for video game or animation-related degrees. Still, it's nice to be completely imerged in my element.
3) unsurprisingly either, 80% likes Japanese culture. 

Eleven — Heroe goes to war

I'm definitely the best XD

Yesterday was the beginning of chore day. Well, kitchen day to be precise because kitchen is definitely not my mother's cup of tea. Not cooking, but cleaning after her. She's not able to use the dishwasher: she's got enough problems to understand how to close a window on the computer, dishwasher is definitely not her thing and I don't think I've seen her use it once XD No but really, last year, when I spent like five days at Yuè's and my father was away. When I was back, she hadn't cleaned anything. At all. And she always leave some tea/coffee in my mugs. Which she takes with curd. So yeah, gross (and that day, I was happy Yuè gave me a pair of cleaning gloves too small for their hands), completely when into a murderous cleaning spree.

Anyway, conclusion is: I'll never be as heroic as when I storm the kitchen with the vacuum, ready to sent gnats rot in its bowels. And vacuums are such a cool weapon that there's even a game character who uses one as a weapon, as well as a tool to play with time. Well, it was that or leaving footprint and gnat blood traces on the walls, which isn't really a clean thing to do... And would've made my big cleanse of the kitchen a bit pointless.

And because, I definitely am the best, I did something very me. So, I was wearing fluffy socks and inadvertly stepped in Gemini's water bowl, making my right foot make squish-squish when I was walking. Anyway, went back to my room to put them off. The hall's ground is covered in tiles, glidy enough for me to... well quite nicely glide on it when I'm wearing fluffy socks (and that's a very fun thing to do by the way). And well, my foot did a very squishy glide and thanks gods I've got pretty strong reflexes XD

Very positive things: I've dealt with the most urgent things on LJ, my room is tidy and I succeeded making place for the 380$-worth of art supply we need for the year (yeah, shit is expensive, and we'll need more, there's even a few articles I haven't bought yet because the thing is so specific they had to give us the addresses where to buy it). I've finished Arrow, done more chores and well, finally! Tomorrow's the first day of school.

The only thing I'm a bit wary of is myself and waking up on time tomorrow. Well, for a long time, I was wondering why I never heard the alarm clock and Yaki told me the answer one day XD The problem isn't with me not hearing the alarm clock. In fact, I do and it does efficiently wake me up. The problem isn't here. The problem is that I tend to shut it down, then lie back and completely forget about what happened. Happened to me a lot when my parents come to see me early, tell me stuff they want me to do, and I answer and stuff and do like I was completely aware. I just won't remember anything later in the day, except for the feeling that something was asked of me. Brain's a scumbag XD 
Clara — Heirloom

And before

I began iconing like hell because I've got lots of challenges to do, I'm gonna do the 15 albums that influenced my life list since Aku tagged me a while ago and I still didn't do it XD Also, no soundtracks on it, because there'd be mostly soundtracks by the same artists, so no fun.

Alice Nine — GEMINI
Nightwish — Wishmaster
System of a Down — Toxicity
Linkin Park — Meteora
Calogero — Calogero
Mc Solaar — Cinquième As
Sugizo — C:Lear
MUCC — Kyuutai
D'espairsRay — REDEEMER
Dido — No Angel
The Beegees — Saturday Night Fever
Emile & Images — Jusqu'au Bout De La Nuit
Within Temptation — The Silent Force
Red Hot Chili Peppers — Californication
MUSE — Origin of Symmetry
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