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Answer for question 4188.

How important are first impressions to you? Do you generally make a good first impression or a bad one?
To me, first impressions are both important and worthless. Important because there are a lot of things you can pick with one glance: body language, clothing, way of speaking... all of that gives you information about other people, enough for me to have an opinion of them. I can't help it. That being said that opinion isn't fixed; I'm not gonna judge them or be an ass just because guts tell me to. I'm not that much of a jerk, and I do like meeting new people. Whatever I thought before getting to know them has no worth because it's not like I know them.

Unless I'm choosing on purpose to be an asshole, I generally make a good first impression.
Shinji/Kaworu — Harmony

Having so much fun

I absolutely love how each game Marie and Mamy buy seems to be about breaking friendship XD I mean you can't win without lots of bluff and stabbing in the back (even by your own team). No but really, it's freaking good. Like usual, actually. Because, yeah, here, we like backstabbing, snorting and smirking at each others while cackling and laughing at each other's misery.

And the whole day has been pretty good. This year, we celebrated Christmas home so no moving to do, which is great. I got a few gifts: tea from one of my cousin, a bit of money from my godfather (gods bless him, I so needed it) and—I'm gonna worship Marie one day—a new board game.

Also, I learnt how to make foie gras (thanks Marie, again) and I'll so make some for New Year's Eve. And the day before yesterday, I properly cooked for the first time since... Erm. I began school? XD I defeated my cousin with mash potatoes. When Hery put a just bit in his dish he was all 'only that, whaaaaat'. Then he understood what I meant when I answered it was very compact and heavy. Like as he said when he tasted it, as heavy as the leg of lamb I did with it. So yeah, the kind of stuff you take 3 mouthful, then you're not hungry anymore XD I'm proud. We're all kinda big eaters and I managed to sate them *smirks* And they're lucky I didn't add cream (which I would totally have done if I had remembered earlier there was some). But really, don't let me feed you ever, if you're conscious about your weigh because what I cook the best is like mash potatoes, hachis parmentier, tartiflette and I'm heavy handed with the cheese and cream.

Speaking of which, lunch was spent with classmates in a fondue & raclette restaurant. So it was a very good day: I spent my day eating (two hours at the restaurant) then when my family was home and after, I stuffed myself with tangorines while we were playing. And tomorrow, we do a brunch.

Most perfect thing would be plenty of leftovers so we don't have to cook for at least one day (it happens often actually).


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Writer's block

Pet peeves are those seemingly-minor things people do or say that really annoy you. What tops your list of pet peeves?
People who think leaving garbage anywhere but in a rubbish bin make me see red. Even more when the rubbish bin is like three meters away. The most irritating is with cigarette butts though. C'mon it's not that hard to crush it against the ground or anything to make sure it's dead, then throw it in a rubbish bin.
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Bringing lots of positivity

Meant to write this article for a long time but somehow, I only found the will now. Like the title said, lots of good things for me.

1) First trimester is finished. I did pretty well (not as good as I wanted but I'm still Have been in holidays for one week and I managed to work a bit. Not as much as I wanted to but well, I still got amongst the best overall grades in the class and it's not like the best guy is far ahead of us, not at all, in fact. Worst grades are the one I didn't put much effort into so yeah, not surprising and I'm not complaining. Also, the teachers said my work was 'precise' and it showed I've got tons of fun and I absolutely love what I'm doing. Thank gods XD It'd be sad to have to pay for a—rather expensive—school to do something I wasn't psyched about.

2) Both my brothers are back home. Mamy (that's the one who lives in Switzerland) arrived today. And Hery came back from Japan yesterday. With lots of gifts. First, a new GamePad charger for the Wii U because Gemini and my father teamed on me and rendered the old useless, like one month after we got the console about 2 years ago. Meaning I couldn't really play. Not that there were many interesting games at the time. But I can finally play to Smash Bros! And buy Mario Kart. He also got me a Nightmare Before Christmas mug (okay, it's supposed to be a bowl but still... Mug) and a few PS3 games: Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces f, Street Fighter 4 and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (a 2D arcade fighting game with characters from anime/light novels like Sword Art Online or Accel World, etc. I won't play much to it since I got no interest in the concerned animed and I really don't like Sword Art Online XD). And I can't wait playing to the Tales, I've been wanting them for a long time, plus! Very good way to practice Japanese.

Also, he brought our Christmas gift (a common gift for both my brothers and me). Since that kind of stuff is cheaper in Japan, my father told him to buy the PS4 there. He didn't buy any games, but it's not like there's much interesting around yet and it's not like I lack games to play *eyes at the pile of unfinished and unplayed games* Also I could make my father buy me one later because he did told us to each choose one game.

And, I think I can finally tell that my PS3 is mine. Twas a common gift too (every console we got—except the GameCube, which is mine—is a common gift, which is how we get them) but Mamy got offered one when he quitted his first job just before he moved to Switzerland and Hery bought one in for himself in Japan. So, yeah, not really a proper gift, but still, makes me pretty happy.

3) Fea, Shei, Yaki, Yunyun and her SO, and Alice will come home for New Year's Eve! And we're making a secret santa! I just can't wait. Plus, I'm pretty sure my recipient will love what I'm thinking of getting.

4) I might go to Disneyland on the 28th. One of my classmates work there and he can make me enter freely so yeah.

5) I made up with a kind-of-friend. As Shei put it, we had a bad (but oh so funny XD) break-up. He contacted me in the beginning of the month, to apologize for what how he had acted and basically everything and how he wanted to speak to me again (he was to one to cut the ties) and all's been pretty well since.

6) Not that a good news seeing how high my reading pile is but my father got some gift cheques from work and he gave me 30€. So, as usual, I got a few books. Some Pratchett and Asimov. Also the 4th tome of the Justice League. And he got powerbanks and gave me one of them, which will prevent any battery problems with my phone. Speaking of which, he got himself the iPhone 6+ so I'm gonna have his 'old' iPhone 5s (and yes, he's in love with Apple).

So, as you can see, I'm still alive and things are pretty good for me. The only real worry I have is how to finish all my homework by the end of the holidays.
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There's a lot of nostalgia around old franchises coming back right now. Movies, TV shows, even action figures! What's something from your childhood that you wish would come back? Why?

(This question will remain in place for a few days while Writer's Block is re-launched -- we'll have new questions each weekday starting on Monday!)
My father grew up in one of the poorest country in the world and he wanted us to have all the things he didn't get. This is one of the reason he bought the Nintendo when games weren't mainstream and even less affordable.

I was too young to remember the Nintendo. But I definitely remember the Super Nintendo he got us. Actually, watching my brothers play, playing with them. This is my first memories. We had to many games and accessories. We kept all our consoles after that, but my father gave the Super Nintendo to family while we were in Madagascar back in 1999 and I definitely miss it a lot.
Wilf — Wiggle

My stomach is feeding on itself and

I'm currently drowning in a purple bath I needed very much, after a day of procrastinating reading. I've got lots of homework late but it should go fine since next week is finals week so lots of time to do the work I couldn't do last week (half of which I actually began doing). Reassuring things is we're a fair number in that situation and that teachers are really understanding about that sort of thing.

Speaking of which, I don't know if I mentioned it but we have acting classes. And apparently, I'm a scary tyrant XD Also, we had an impro exercize where we'd told our partners to play the 'let's be that' game and they'd answer 'WOW THAT'S A SUPER IDEA'. So, I had to be a 'mosquito crashing into a glass wall'. And well, if you're ever curious or need to write about that kind of thing one day, here's my experience of it.

So first, I was running to the wall. Well, dashing into to wall. I put my right shoulder and arm first to absorb part of the impact, while splaying my other arm to make my point (because it wasn't obvious enough I'd just crashed into the wall). I knew I'd had the wall a bit hard (twas my goal) but just not that hard. Apparently it was as impressive as the bang was (and the people in the other room must have been quite puzzled XD). Remember the cartoon characters running into walls? It's exactly that. I don't know how it looked from the outside, but inside, while not shaking like in the cartoons, I could feel the impact rippling through my internal organs on the right side, while my breath was violently expelled. I didn't stay in that position for long but my right side was hurting like hell when I went on with the performance and I was stumbling and shaking a bit because of the pain (though my comrades mistook it for hesitation when I walk into the wall another time, much more softer this time). I wouldn't be able to tell how long the pain and soreness last but I feel like no more than 5 minutes and no bruise or soreness in my right side today.

And since I'm speaking about running, when Fea was home, instead of doing homework, I did a watercolor illustration! Comics style because I wanted to concentrate on the bodies and positions, not making a realistic face. Just click on the pic to get the full size.

And there was a lot of discussion over the Doctor that evening XD First because I absolutely wanted to keep the Doctor's position believable and correct (it's the exact moment when he turns to grab Clara's hand). However, I also wanted to keep his face and his ass visible, which is why his pants are tighter than what he wears when he's with Clara. And hell, man, it was hard to get the good position (look at his feet to see where he's going, which is not the right side of the sheet). Also did that because in comics, it's usually the females with these kinds of positions to show lots of boobs and asses, though very exagerated and often in situation not requiring these kind of contorsions. I wanted to do some kind of male equivalent while keeping it believable. Making Clara was really easy compared to Eleven and coming up with clothes she'd wear much smoother than expected. Got wild with the colors so Eleven's hair is more red than brown but at that point, I really don't care XD Also, did the background with watercolor paint, when I did the characters with watercolor pencils (because I was not caring at that point, just wanted to finish the illustration XD).
Gabriel — Loki

Nope, not Thor.

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Actually, it's Gabriel (look at the face XD). Well, Loki/Gabriel from Flux, my last year's Gabriel Big Bang. Long short story, Gabriel needed a new host for Heaven not to find him and Loki needed help to escape the other gods' pushniment. They merged into a single entity (the body originally being Loki's) who looks like that. Yeap, good beard and long hair because, well, Norse god.

I really like the result seeing how I usually suck at digital art; somehow, I tried again a few days ago (with a new sketching software) and I suddenly could do things that don't make me wanna gauge my eyes out.

Red cloak (that doesn't help the Thor-look) is red because it's the color associated with Loki in Norse mythology.

Also, I'm doing the GBB this year and story will start where Flux ended. It'll cover Gabe’s ‘first’ years with a body of his own and how he’ll deal with the Norse gods (who are even more pissed off against Loki now that he's out) and all the change from being both an archangel and a god (his mojo for example).

Original sketch just here.
Twelve — Time & Space

Where I should be going to sleep

That moment when both Yaki and me are happy my phone ran out of power XD It's 3:44 am here; she finished working at midnight so she's tired and I get up in 3 hours. We've been on the phone for whole 2 hours before it cut and would've been able to go on much longer since we hadn't had a proper talk for a long time and we both missed it (just talking, not necessarily on the phone because I don't often call people, but online). Plus, I absolutely had to tell her all about PM since Lulu, her and me are the rulers of the Boobies Booth Kingdom and always support each other the best we can.

Also, it's that time of the year when I have a paper toilet roll (no more tissue boxes so I have to improvise XD plus paper toilet is great for absorbing paint. And does irritate skin less than paper towel) next to me when going to bed. And a plastic bag in my vicinity because I'm certainly not gonna sleep surrounded by used tissues *shudders* well, at least it's 'just' runny nose and progressively being sick for now. As opposed to sudden bed-tying sickness and migraines from the deepest pit of hell.
Gabriel — Dying


This was one fucking hell of a week. It's 5:30am right now, and just finished my homework so I wanna get as soon as possible into dreamland so I'm gonna make lists.

1) Yunyun was at home from last week's Tuesday to Thursday and it was a blast! Couldn't spend as much time as I wanted with her, but well, homework XD

2) I ended up not doing one of last week's homework because it was 4am when I started it. Twas plenty of time, but there was a point where I was completely unmotivated (and exhausted as I had just finished another homework) and well, no point in forcing myself to do it. No problem though, I'll just need to mail it to the teacher.

3) My father bought me the Ghibli expo book (it's all the stuff exposed, one big fat book) and Marvel Super Heroes one and that's pretty great: Also, we had a one-to-one meal that wasn't awkward and able to speak about me a little bit so, yeah!

4) We [the association I work in] survived PM, outraged, and certainly not making any profit. But more detail about that late if I'm motivated to do XD Only thing that I'm gonna say right now is, No More. Ever. Again. I don't wanna do that kind of PM ever again.

5) Bought a Tardis T-shirt that makes a nice comfy pyjama. The DW comics 'the forgotten' and even if I'll wince during the whole thing because I don't like read DW in French, it's still more than half the price it's at the bookshop. Also, there was a offer 'one pair of lenses bought, one free'. I bought one aaaaaaand they gave me 4 pairs. All of them being the ones the seller and me were talking about. And because the Universe was in a very good mood, I got another great deal! Since it was the end of the con, there were sale-off and there was a Pokémon booth I absolutely wanted to check out not far from our booth. So, there were small figurines. Prices were 2€ a figurine, 20€ for 12. Since it was the end (and we were basically just between exhibitors), they did 15 figurines for 20€. I payed 15€ for 15 figurines. So, yeah, I couldn't be happier.

6) But I am. So, as I said, Boss is friend with PM's bosses and works for them too (so we mostly did autoran ourselves the whole time). And she got a few priviledges, like she told us that if we wanted things like getting a dedicace or a photo with an artist brought by PM, we could (without having to pay). And, Peter Davison was there. I was extremely lucky because there was bad timing and we had him the moment he was leaving, but, lords. I've got my pic with him, we barely spoke since he was heading back to his hotel and I had to go back to the booth but, well. Best thing ever.

So, on these mostly positive things (maybe to balance how negative the negative was, though I didn't really speak about it XD), I'm gonna take an hour-long nap sleep.
Paul McGann — Majesty

I think you'll have to bear with me speaking about homework the whole school year

So. I finished my labyrinth city earlier and, well. It's smashing. I know it is. I could integrate every element of the original rough, except the steel cables but that's a choice: it would've been just too much and they would've hidden all the details in background. The result is exactly how I wanted the drawing to be: clearly sci-fi, neat and clean, but even more labyrinth-like and city-like (all the indications do wonders for that). And that time, I know all my stairs are good XD

And if you're interested, I started with a concept for the drawing. An thriving off-planet mining colony. So, people work underground and live above in the pods. The more people there are, the more pods they add, stacking them on each others wherever there's some place. I was very inspired by the pods used in off-planet colonies, in Mass Effect, like this. Anyway, 7 is the district and the numbers next are the pod's number (in the words, the address).

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Off to bed now. And I swear, one of these days, I'll comment keep up with all your posts.