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30 September 2014 @ 11:28 pm
Wow, that's long  

Dudes, that first day? Completely rad! Well, I woke up very much in time and was out of bed very much in time too. No problem on that part at all.

And next installment of the 'How to meet new people in the funniest ways' saga. So, yesterday's morning classes weren't on the Bastille campus, but in Montreuil, in Paris' suburbs; not that far but the place isn't as easy to find as the Bastille campus and twas the first time I went there.

I was getting out of the station when I saw a guy watching the gates waringly after his ticket got rejected, completely lost probably freaking out. And I noticed the map they'd gave us in his hand. So I went out, asking myself what to do and decided to help the poor guy.

So I went just in front of the gates, waved, was like 'Yoh, dude, c'mere!' and gave him my transport card so he could get out. And we walked together to the building. He's not in my class but seems like our classes will spend quite a lot of time together since they have the same classes and teachers: for example, we had history of styles while they had history of art, then we switched. Can also tell he's a bit shy so at least, he'll have someone to speak to during the pauses (and an easier way to meet other people).

As for now, we know the general theme of this semester (for our projects) is the 17th and 18th centuries Paris, which is completely awesome. Not my beloved 19th century, but, still completely rad! Voltaire, Louis XIV, Versailles, classic and baroque art movements, Mozart, French Revolution? It's that period.

English was pretty cool too. I was kinda wary about that because I haven't gone to a single English class for the last four years and was afraid of how the teacher would be (since it's not uni, I can't skip it). Teacher is an American and insisted we call her by her first name, likes Star Treck. Most of all, she emphasized the fact she wanted us to speak more than anything and that we weren't vulcans and it'd be more relaxed and we wouldn't be doing endless grammar rules.

For the first English class, we were by groups of two, three or four (by tables to be precise) and five minutes to speak with each others, then would've to introduce to others.

Twas really funny and we learnt funny things concerning the class as a whole XD 

1) first thing that came up about me was my love for Doctor Who XD also there are quite a few other fans too! Even one who's following season 8 right now *dances*
2) as one of my classmates put it "like about 90% of people here, he [the one he was introducing to us] loves video games", which is unsurprising because ISART is for video game or animation-related degrees. Still, it's nice to be completely imerged in my element.
3) unsurprisingly either, 80% likes Japanese culture. 

猿 | Yuan: 【シンジ】 i mustn't run awayflourflower on October 7th, 2014 08:05 pm (UTC)
"Voltaire, Louis XIV, Versailles, classic and baroque art movements, Mozart, French Revolution? It's that period."

Ewwwwwwwww *shudders* (Well, my "ew" mostly goes to Mozart, the rest I can deal with.)

Glad to hear you're having fun in class though! And we definitely need to plan some time to see each other soon, this weekend was too crowded to talk about life, but nonetheless it was great to see you again!! 8]