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09 July 2014 @ 05:03 am
Yeeeeeee! So psyched about that  
So, back in March, I spent a week-end in London with my mother and since, I've been wanting to spend more time there. I'd already been twice there before because twas when I was still fairly young, and didn't understand spoken English very well, much less spoke it. When I could do both, back in high school, we went to Bath (I'm not complaining though, twas such a good time).

But in March it's really a bit of an event. Firstly, I hadn't been overseas—Belgium doesn't count—since 2010. I know it's not that long, but before I was used to go abroad once per year. Secondly, I was pretty excited because Doctor Who and twas the occasion to see a friend, who've been living there for almost 2 years. Also, I knew my understanding of spoken English had became far better (thanks to Supernatural and Doctor Who I had to watch without subtitles because of laziness) and wanted to test it in real life. And well, I wasn't disappointed and had an awesome time (a few really awful moments too because things happened I wasn't expected at all). Succeeded in taking my mother with me to the Who Shop on Satursday and spend Sunday's noon and afternoon and my friend, her roommate and another of their friends, the last being a whovian too.

And well, there's a very high chance I'll be back in London this summer. For almost a month this time: from the end of the month to the second half of August! Thanks to my friend, I can stay in a fairly cheap hostel I know is good; it's where she lived until recently. And it's in Central London, which is very very helpful because transports are expensive as hell. I hadn't noticed last time I was there because a day travel card covering all zones is cheaper in London than in Paris. That being said, when looking it for one month, OMG. The Oyster card for only zone 1 & 2 more costs than Paris' for all zones. Still have to work out some other things but things are looking very good.

I really don't think I could be happier. Even more when it means I can skip my cousin's civil wedding and only go to the religious one, which I can't skip since I'm one of her bridesmaids: her fiancé, his brothers and their common friends aren't bad people at all, but all are religious too much on the fanatic side for my taste. So, the less time I spend with them, the better I'll be. Anyway, I already asked my cousin about it yesterday (since we ate together) and she was okay with that.
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Music: Shimomura Yoko — Hau'oli, Hau'oli
Luo: Eleven — Knowing smileluorescence on July 9th, 2014 03:14 am (UTC)
Well, living only a sea away helps... much much cheaper and only 1 to 8 hours away, depending on the transport methods :) If you go one day, you won't be disappointed, it's a gorgeous city!