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28 June 2014 @ 03:30 am
Omg, no,  
not okay at all. I've began rewriting the short story and it's going a bit too smoothly, I mean, my fingers running wild. The thing is the character limit is 20,000. That's a little over 3,000 words. And I know myself, when writing in French, the 'getting out of hand' bit is far worse than in English. I mean, I've got no problems writing 20,000 words in less than a week, which isn't my goal here. Omg, I need to stop, right now XD

Except for that, I'm pretty happy because the transition from the original text is easier than what I'd expected. I mean, I'm changing the text's verse from a thing fairly simple to the Shyll verse that's far more complex (ten years of existence would do that to any verse) with much more rules to follow. Also, there are no human in the verse. Well, to be exact human is an umbrella term for the 21 species that are considered to have human sentience/intelligence. And most of them look humanoid at best. So, that's quite a lot of things to change. Many of which are details, but still important in my eyes (even though we'd be only two to know them).

Also, I'm quite content to write something for Shyll that isn't a drabble. This verse's my baby and I need to do that for quite a long time. But I'm gonna take a pause before writing too much. Still have icons to do, and a Cybermen post to finish. Or I could go to sleep XD
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Music: Sakuraba Motoi — Beyond the labyrinth
     Mandy: Eleven - Christmas Smilea_phoenixdragon on June 28th, 2014 01:55 am (UTC)
*GRINS* You kick so much ass...*admiringly*

Luo: Eleven — Judging youluorescence on June 28th, 2014 02:32 am (UTC)
Thanks! *cuddles*

I try very hard at kicking ass XD And still fail very hard when it comes to very basic things like priorities what's sleeping again?
     Mandy: Eleven - #GURLa_phoenixdragon on June 28th, 2014 02:35 am (UTC)
Ahh, think we all Fail sometimes at those @$!# SLEEP!!.
Luo: Doctor Who — Awesome manlinessluorescence on June 28th, 2014 02:50 am (UTC)
I fail a bit too often XD

It's became some sort of common knowledge that I don't sleep XD (Doesn't help that when I've got guests home, I refuse to go to bed when there's one person still not in bed. Even if it means I won't sleep at all).

Also, very skewed priorities. Like as soon as I'm thinking of all the things I could do, sleep tends to look like a wasting of my time, even though I know sleeping is important.
     Mandy: Eleven - Don't Blinka_phoenixdragon on June 28th, 2014 02:54 am (UTC)
You can always say you are preparing for kiddos (even if you aren't...I mean, sleep isn't really a Thing anymore for me, lol!)

Luo: Kiki — Nappingluorescence on June 28th, 2014 03:10 am (UTC)
Or I could say I'm preparing for next school year since I'll be out of college. And the few friends/acquaintances I have where I'm going all told me "sleep? What sleep? With the amount of work we've got, we can't afford sleep" XD

(Sleep's overrated anyway XD)

     Mandy: Arthur Darvill - TickTocka_phoenixdragon on June 28th, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
Ohhh!! There's that, too. Clever girl. *BEAMS*

Luo: SPN — Look thereluorescence on June 28th, 2014 03:30 am (UTC)
Making excuse, that's where all my cleverness goes. That and how to procrastinate XD

(speaking of which, I just checked the hour and somehow, it's already early morning here, omg XD)
     Mandy: Eleven - Eleven and Pondsa_phoenixdragon on June 28th, 2014 03:34 am (UTC)
LOL!! That's what cleverness is FOR...

(Oh shit...girl!! Try to get SOME rest, yeah?)

Azzie's corner of madnessflowsoffire on June 28th, 2014 06:41 am (UTC)
Whoa, that sounds fascinating! You're brilliant :D

And all the length writing! I admire that, though I get that it's a bit bothersome in the context, lol ;)
Luo: Sanji — Smoke & Grinluorescence on June 28th, 2014 03:32 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks!

Ahah, the writing length... t'was so weird to see how much I struggled to get a few thousand words when I could do so much in French. And it's not about writing in another language either... But well *shrugs* As long as I stay comfy in both languages, everything's fine :)
Azzie's corner of madness: Clara and the Doctorflowsoffire on June 28th, 2014 04:41 pm (UTC)
Indeed! ^_^