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13 June 2014 @ 03:07 am
I'm going to upgrade to a paid account in coming week or the one after that. I didn't do it until now because it was a waste of time seing how irregularly I was going on LJ but, well, it seems like I'm gonna be active for quite some time so, paid account for me. Also, I do want more icons.

There's someone who bookmarked Melting Pot with the note "All of these are cute as fuck" and that's just too sweet and lovely and it's basically making me day right now (I should really go reread the os and correct all the mistakes, I know there's some ridiculous things in there XD).

And since I'm speaking about writing. I'll try to begin writing for the wintercompanion challenge this night or not, I'm too drowsy for that. My prompt isn't the most inspiring one but I've already got some ideas to work with, even if I'm pretty sure I'll end up being all "hey, I've got the story and stuff but... how will I make the Doctor/Jack bit important?" XD Also, I want to test another completely different style of writing, or even incorporating a rewrite of my old writing assignment in it; it'd be really modded though. Just need to find a beta whom is willing to put up with me now.

Off to the next chapter

Chapter 2: A surprising maze

I'm gonna search for this book, I can't stay here too long. If I remember correctly what the school librarian says, books are classified in alphabetical order, so, it must be at... Enough! I don't know, it's getting on my nerves, where could I find a book by Christian Grenier! Wait... Oh yes! Maybe at the letter G. Enough talking, let's go.

When were between two shelves, we can see all kind of book: fairy tales, poetry collections, fables, autobiographies, biographies, philosophy, comics, manga with impressive covers, detective novels filled with mysteries, tiny books for toddlers with naive illustrations, explicative tales full of colors, but also myths. Every book I'm looking at is brand new, with impressive bindings: their colors are varied: blue, black, red, purple and many more. On the top of that, on each binding is engraved the title and author's name in golden or silver letters. A real carnaval of colors, each more spectacular than the others. I envy the ones who often come here. It's like being in a giant maze: the alleys are crossing each others, making U-turns, then lose themselves in large roads.

Damn! I'm too far (to be honest, I don't even know, I didn't watch)! Whew! We're at the Ds (I'm coming back from the Zs). So, E... F... Ouch!!! Someone is enjoying throwing books at did (it really hurts a lot), let's ignore them, what a waste of time. If only all these reflections could stop blinding me, maybe my sight would become better. Where am? Erm... G, well then, my wrist clock is displaying 3pm, I still got until 7pm, taking so little time for so many paths... Virus L.I.V.3. Here is that famous book.
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     Mandya_phoenixdragon on June 13th, 2014 02:44 am (UTC)
YAY Paid Account!! That's awesome! And who doesn't need more icons?!

Ohhh, I like that next part! And I'm rather excited for your wintercompanion piece! Whoot!

Luo: laytonluorescence on June 13th, 2014 12:59 pm (UTC)
There's always a need for more icons XD Each time I'm back on LJ I'm thinking that "oh, 15 icons is okay" then a week later it's already "need more icons"XD

As for my wintercompanion piece I've got that feeling it's going to be hell to write *groans*