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12 June 2014 @ 07:37 am
I want to rewrite this sooooo bad  
So, my mother departed for Cyprus this morning (well, yesterday actually but since I didn't sleep yet, it's still yesterday for me) and she won't be back until wednesday. Which is pretty cool with me, it's always refreshing when one of us is out of the home for a while. After that, I daydreamed during most of the day, then got some writing done (four Mass Effect drabbles) and played to the Sims 3 a little bit. It's been a lazy day, but I needed some calm after what happened with my father.

Now, the other day, I was speaking about old school writing assignments that I kept. Here's the oldest. It's from grade 7. So, some introduction before. We were studying two books at the time, Virus L.I.V.3 by Christian Grenier and La Bibliothécaire by Gudule. Both won't likely mean anything to you since they're French and never were translated. Both have for main theme books, writing and traveling into books. So, the assignment was one we had in parallel to the reading of the books. I don't remember the exact terms but it was about the main character being given an assignment of reading a book and they would step into a library for the first time. We had to tell about his experience. Also, the book was either Virus L.I.V.3 or La Bibliothécaire and we had to tell what the character thought of it.

So, here we go for the first chapter (there are five of them, including the epilogue). Oh yeah, by the way, I'm being as true as possible to the original text. So yes, it's full of awkward grammar, awful punctation and as weird in English as in French... No actually, it's more readable in English than in French. Anyway, please bear with me *hides in a corner*

Title: A library unlike the others

Chapter 1: Never something surprised me as much

“Théo, Théo!”

That's Émilie, a classmate, who mutters a few words into my ear, waking me up. I realize the class is staring at me. The French teacher just noticed my lack of attention and Émilie is trying to tell me in a low voice what the discussion is about. With success, he simply tells me to be more attentive. The teacher pursues his speech on the book Virus L.I.V.3 by Christian Grenier we'll have to buy for the week to come.

The teacher let us go earlier this time. I'll probably fetch the book today, normally I'll be able to do it if I'm back home at seven at the very latest. I run home to drop my bag and phone to Mum, then I'm off to the library. At least, I'm here. The key! Where it is? Here it is! Phew! I open the door and rush to the phone. Ten minutes after that, I leave: my mother says yes (all the better).

She says the library is in the mall. Speak of the devil and he appears. I walk to the doors. Suddenly, I trip and tumble down the stairs leading to the doors. My fall makes me pass though the doors and ends in the libary. I'm raising to my feet with difficulty and...

Now that I see it, this library is really fantastic: there are books, as far as the eye can see, housed in sublime and lustrous sparkling clean shelves, their shapes from squared to round, as well as rectangular and oval, they are of every colors: jet black, lime green, some are even of a vivid rose. They form long and wide alleys, sublime carpets embroidered with shimmering golden threads. Bright panels, so brilliant it blinds anyone without sunglasses who watches them. The ceiling is decorated with millions of tiny stars mixed with purple-red clouds on a marine blue night sky. As for the walls, they are of the colors of the rainbow where a wonderful sun is hiding. Adding to that, incenses burn in small jars placed in the room and spread a soft apple smell in the air.

What a delight close to ecstasy. I, who was thinking before coming here, that in a library, the books must be shabby and old, that shelves are of rotten wood, that a cloud made of acrid and pungent air fills the atmosphere, and also that the walls lost their paints, etc... I'd rather not speak about the infernal thoughts. In the worst hell is the most beautiful heaven.
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     Mandya_phoenixdragon on June 12th, 2014 01:44 pm (UTC)
Ahhh writing assignments...I remember them well. I also remember mine were far worse than this, lovie. This is lovely, actually. Very 'real-time' feeling and the wonder of the books and their surroundings is rather vivid. I rather like this!

Luo: mickeyluorescence on June 12th, 2014 02:15 pm (UTC)
*happily returns hug*

It's just that rereading it after so much time, it's a bit of a shock. And there's so much that be better if rewritten, it's like wasted potential.

But well, looking back at old things often does that XD Plus, I can always reutilize it into another work (which I'm very tempted to do right now).

Glad you liked it :3