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09 June 2014 @ 09:15 pm
That's certainly not nostalgia  
From time to time, I like to make my eyes bleed look back at old drawings. Never stop making me cringe but actually, it's a big boost to my ego since to makes me realize how I progressed through the years. And I like to re-draw some, which I did yesterday. It's not fancy drawing, just fast sketches but it'll give you a clear idea of my progression.

Let's begin with the recentest, a sketch from 2011 (on the left), a character from a story I might write one day (I'll more likely use it in a text).

That one is from 2006, why I had no style XD when I had yet to try realistic drawing or had any idea of shades and volumes. And yes, I completely changed the pose, skin tone, and clothes but the original was lacking in all so I didn't feel like sticking to it (ugh, so so flat).

Now, we're on a ten year gap from now. The character on the left is a fanart, which is why it's much better than the other. It's based on the FF Chrystal Chronicles' Selkies. I didn't watch the original concept art when I re-drew though, hence the differences in the clothes.

And that last one is actually the oldest drawing I made. It's from 2000. Also had a reference for that one (the original ones are so so so so ugly, nothing near that). I'm still amazed at how I could draw without tracing a base: I'd just choose a starting point to go for the whole thing. That's something I can't do now. And yes, I'm much lazier than my 9 years old self, I didn't do all the hands. That's the original illustration by the way.

Now, I can still draw in a full manga style. Actually, when I do manga/anime fanarts, I do the base with the artist's style because it's very fast and easy for me (c'mon, I've done that until four years ago, it's natural). For example, like that. I just don't keep it that way (the hair is flatter because it's damp).

So yup, just to say that it's completely okay to be bad at something, you'll eventually get better if you keep doing it: took me 14 years (more actually, but I don't have the stuff I made before the 2000s) and thousands of tries to have my actual level. In the same way, I've still got some writings from middle school I might post (it's less cringe-worthy though) XD
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