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31 May 2014 @ 04:10 am
Gods, these parts of life that come from a soap opera  
Drama. Oh, gods, drama. Everyone was seeing it coming though; we're were literally staring at its face. Some context before I continue: Kae and Yaki are best friends. Until mid-2011, Kae was in a really bad state, mentally speaking, and Yaki was her clutch and the one who supported her, who was the mature one Kae'd look up to. She got really better since. It's not Yaki's case and for a little more than one year, her mental health has been seriously declining and their roles reversed.

Stuff happened recently leading to Kae really not wanting to see Yaki. So, Yaki arrived this morning and things had been building up during the whole day between her and Kae. Yaki's awkward half-assed attempts at making a conversation and failing so hard that she couldn't even keep a real conversation with me. Kae holding a grunge against Yaki and being her usual stubborn self. You see when there's so much tension you could almost touch it, that's that kind of situation.

Anyway we ended up going out to take a walk and speak about our issues: that's not the sort of thing to discuss in front of my parents but we needed to speak with her, again. And well, we sat on a bench and the big discussion happened (again). Very dramatic, really. Doesn't help that Yaki is sensitive and really emotional.

Now, I didn't tell my opinion on the whole thing, but I'm all on Kae's side. Because the problems aren't new. We already had that discussion months ago, and another one of the same kind even before. And Kae and Yaki do speak about their issues online, but it only seems to get worse. Also I've got issues of my own with her (part of it are linked with the reason Kae is cross with Yaki in the first place) but that'd be another post in itself XD

That being said, it doesn't mean we're being all gloomy and stuff. We're having a pretty good time overall and we're all looking forward to the live on Sunday which we're going to enjoy very much.
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猿 | Yuan: 【ルフィ】dafuqflourflower on June 1st, 2014 12:00 am (UTC)
Hm. From what I know of the situation (which is very little), I don't think it was a good idea for both of you to tackle Yaki all at once. It probably would have gone much smoother if it was just one on one, especially considering she doesn't like confrontation. And as you said, you two don't have the best tact, so... I can't really speak on the subject, because I only know so much about Yaki, Kae and the situation.
But hope you guys are having a good time despite this little trouble.