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22 May 2014 @ 06:14 am
[Roaming in the Sword Coast] part 2 — Where I decided my name was Subtle  

When I posted about Baldur's Gate the other day, I said I was playing with a chaotic good archer. The thing is, the game is divided between 7 chapters and lot of stuff can happen in a single chapter. As in, it took me more than ten hours to get to the second chapter when I could have been there in less than three. So, instead of trying to recap what had already happened, I settled for creating a whole new character.

Shadow dancer
Chaotic neutral

Strength  15

Dexterity  19

Constitution  15

Intelligence  13

Wisdom  11

Charisma  18

Meet the main character, Nocturiel. I'll call him Nox though. Because he's a shadow dancer and I didn't go for originality, I just took the word nocturnal and modified it to make it sounds a tad more elvish (not Tolkien-elvish, obviously). Also, that's a direct reference to the Elder Scrolls' Daedric Prince, Nocturnal, who embodies night and darkness (Bethesda didn't go for originality either, I feel less alone). Also, Nocturnal is the spiritual patron of Skyrim's thieves guild. By the way Nox means night in Latin. I know it seems like I went out of my way to stick to the theme but, actually, it just came to me as soon as I had chosen Nox's class. I really don't know what it says about me though.

And, Nox is a shadow dancer, which wasn't in the original edition. That's a specialization of the—surprise surprise!—Thief class. Shadow dancers have bonuses in stealth, saving throws (when you're subject to unusual—like poison—and/or magical attack, you get a saving throw to reduce or avoid the effects), some unique abilities and can "hide in plain sight", just like my subtlety tonight. The drawbacks are the much slower progress of the backstab ability, the impossibility of setting traps and more generally, much less points to spend in thief skills1 when he'll level up: only 20 points when the thief has 25. Also, I started with 30 point skills while a thief has 40.

I won't go in details in how I distributed them. However, you'll know that I've got 50 points in both Move Silently and Hide in Shadows (being an elf gave me bonuses in those abilities); my natural game style in rpg has always been of the "backstabbing bastard" kind. Because of Baldur's Gate, in fact. I was young and some dungeons and monsters were somehow intimidating (or repulsive, like the zombies); it seemed natural for me to go for a class that could hide and kill from afar, before the enemies could even see or worse, touch me. That class is archer and since, my first choice is always to do stealthy archers. I didn't make Nox an archer because I already have one. On the top of that, I forbad myself to use any kind of bow or crossbow with him during the whole game.

Speaking of weapons, I decided not to give him any points in a weapon yet but distributed the two points in one-hand weapon style (I've got bonuses when I use single-hand weapon and no shield) and dual-weapon style. Which is a pretty weird/unwise choice: the weapon proficiency determines how skilled you're with a weapon (the damage, the precision) so common sense would dictate to chose at least one weapon, instead of what I did, but I'm not known for my common sense and logic. Plus, it makes things more interesting and challenging.

Now, less gameplay, more role-play thingies. I don't know if you're familiar with the concept of alignment in D&D.  Everyone (including deities and creatures) is of one of the nine alignments. These are an indicator of what kind of persons they are. It also has an effect in game: for exemple, a lawful good character may leaves your party if your reputation drops. Chaotic neutral means that the character doesn't care about good or evil and will value freedom. He doesn't like to follow codes or laws. He's the kind of unreliable person who does what they want, ally themselves with anyone as long as it suits their goals, then won't hesitate to turn round/backstab if it arranges them. In other words, chaotic. Jack Sparrow'd be a chaotic neutral character.

And the finish the post, some trivia. Baldur's Gate lets you use custom images for your character. I didn't take one from the games because some are used by actual npcs and none really appealed to me. Come on, I gonna see Nox's face during many hours, I want it to be pleasant-looking. The guy is a character from Magic: The Gathering. In fact, he's my favorite character, Jace Beleren, a blue mage, whose speciality is mental magic, mind games, illusions and shady psychological stuff.

1. Those are: Open Locks, Pick Pockets, Find/Disarm Traps, Move
Silently, Hide in Shadows, Detect Illusions, Set Traps
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     Mandya_phoenixdragon on May 22nd, 2014 01:36 pm (UTC)
Ohh, interesting choices!! And interesting consequences, lol!!

I usually play something like chaotic good and I like to mix classes and races (example, most of my D&D characters were something like - Chaotic Good, Human/Elf, Ranger/Thief.) I generally wasn't good with weapons, but I could dodge like a bastard and I was proficient with traps and stealth.

Though I was usually the first one in and the first one dead, lol!! It's been a long running joke for the last decade or so, that my characters should never get near even so much as a cooking fire as that is usually how I biff it. I'm no Leroy Jenkins, but I'm definitely jinxed. Though I can also pull off some of the most amazing shit...

Luo: Ariesluorescence on May 22nd, 2014 08:31 pm (UTC)
*hugs back*

Poor you XD Your character seems really fun to play though!

I didn't play for a while offline but my last character was a ranger, an elf chaotic neutral or true neutral I don't remember (I often play on the neutral side). Good at following trails but geez, a pure idiot (I had something like 8 in intelligence) and it was hard to role-play him (but fun). Well, at least he was good in the ranger skills.

I didn't die though, but that's because of the archer-and-hiding-behind-comrades thing.