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18 May 2014 @ 01:33 am
Dear myself,  

stop, you're being ridiculous and failing very hard. Please. No really; I clicked on the link get back on the old LJ “just to see”, like there'd be anything new with the old LJ. Come on, really. And of course, first reaction was “I wanna go back to the beta”. Typical me in all my glory. Where did I leave my brain?

Just like, me trying to convince bestie to watch Torchwood earlier : “HAAAAAAARKNESSSSS”. I'm the epitome of eloquence, I know XD but I do think that Jack is a pretty good reason to watch Torchwood and bestie knows it: he loves Jack too. Who doesn't anyway?

     Mandy: TW - Big Gay Superheroa_phoenixdragon on May 18th, 2014 06:00 pm (UTC)
LOL!! Poor dear! Too hard on yourself. You'll be miles ahead of some of us if you stick with it - considering we'll HAVE to get used to it at some point in the future. ElJay is like that, arrrghhh!

I think HAAARRKKKNNNNEESSSSSSS is one of the best ways to convince someone. I mean...JACK, yeah?

Luo: Tenluorescence on May 19th, 2014 02:39 am (UTC)
Well, I can't get back to it unless I message the support so... XD

And yes, Jack, indeed. I know he'll give in (or, I'll watch a few episodes with him next time we see each other and he'll watch the rest on his own).
     Mandya_phoenixdragon on May 19th, 2014 02:49 am (UTC)
You should be able to...go to the Home page. The 'blank' blue box between Post and Messages is the hidden jackpot, lol!!