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17 April 2014 @ 05:34 pm
I write almost naught when my goal for the camp NaNo is 25,000 words. Well, it's okay. There's still more than ten days left and if I can force myself to concentrate, there shouldn't be any problem. The text that time is for the queer_bigbang and it's gonna be a Supernatural/Mass Effect/Doctor Who crossover, and I really must thank Moffat and the trails of plotholes he leaves because it means that linking the three universes has been fairly facilitated for me.

Hint: it involves the cracks in the universe. It also involves the Crucible (in Mass Effect) and the angels being “multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent”, which is the perfect excuse to make them travel between universes (or dimension, depending on the sense we give to the word). I'm also proud to already have an idea of what the conflict will be (it's not difficult since we're talking about three universes where it's always about saving the universe/world), and who'll be the Big Bad. Also, it features three different versions of Jack and the Doctor.

Now, the most difficult thing will be to find how the characters' queerness will be relevant to the plot.
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Music: Murray Gold - The Long Song