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26 February 2014 @ 01:12 am
I like my midnight meal  
It's nothing really fancy: corn and tuna with a tomato sauce and cubes of comté, vinegar and mayonnaise in bonus. Enough to keep me full for a little while, even if it's making me thirsty to some good old tea. Anyway it'll be expensive, but I'm thinking on changing my LJ username since I assume it less and less. Come on, luo_chan. What the hell was I thinking that day. Okay, it was nearly seven years ago, but still, I'm kinda ashamed each time I see it.

Anyway, it's wednesday now and I'm at 13,096 words for the challenge. I'm going to try to reach the 15,000 count today and finish the story properly tomorrow. Thus I'll have friday and saturday to reread and correct the biggest errors before I'll have to send the completed draft on sunday: my usual beta is busy this week so I'll have to go back and be extra-careful. Fortunately, I also asked another friend if she could beta for me, and she accepted to do at least the first half. I'm so grateful.

Now, let's get some water boiling for my tea. Then, it's time for the Big Bang.
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Location: Bed
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Music: A(エース)— 夜明けのアンセム