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20 February 2014 @ 03:24 am
Let's make a bilan  
I wrote almost nothing. Well, I have about a fifth of the word count but it'll go up in no time since it's crappy writing; mostly to put the scenario and dialogues in words. No form or sense overall. That kind of thing for the narration:

Sun high in the sky. Lots of noises everywhere: children's laughs and merchants' screams. Crowd everywhere, making the atmosphere too hot, almost suffocating. Smell of food, sweat and animal dejections. Senses overload, intense headache.

And here's an exemple of dialogue:

“Crap.” (protagonist)

“What?” (friend)

"Want to puke.” (protagonist)

So yeah, it's some big big draft waiting to be worked on, which I'll do as soon as I'm finished with this article. Twelve days left and it's time for me to write; starting today, I'll actually follow some kind of schedule, like during the NaNo. Mainly: sit in front of my laptop with some good inspirational music and actually write.

On another subject, I spent some time with flourflower and her roommate on friday and saturday. I'm pretty happy we could talk, even if the subject can be delicate to address. Fortunately, we both prefer to speak honestly and I'm glad it made her feel better. Had a geeky time like I hadn't had since months there too. I touched my 3DS for the first time since a few months, and picked up Fire Emblem again. I'm at the end of the game, but I still can't make myself do it: I've so much fun grinding and training my characters that the story is somewhere far in the background.

And on the games subject. I've been dying to play to Mass Effect 3 since I bought The Art of Mass Effect, so I did, stepping once again into the multiplayer mode. Until now, my asari vanguard was the only one I was confident enough to take to silver. However, I began playing with my N7 paladin, which is as fun but trickier than my vanguard since I can't instant-recharge his shields. I still struggle to be careful to everything around me (behind me mostly); that would spare me from two syncs from banshees in the same party.

Anyway, I've got three objectives for the end of February and beginning of March:

  1. Complete the Big Bang

  2. Finish Fire Emblem

  3. Finish the drawing of the Rings of Akhaten I began a few days ago

Nothing too fancy or unrealistic for me if I put my mind to it.
Mood: determineddetermined
Music: Two Steps From Hell — Immortal