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13 February 2014 @ 02:55 pm
How unexpected,  
I achieved to write nothing at all while I was in Amiens. Not that it matters. This little trip was rejuvenating.

Shei and me happened to accomplish a lot of work on Shyll. I didn't speak about Shyll here before, did I? At first, it was just one of these worlds we invented to play with when we were children (I mean I was twelve and he was ten). And because we had been cowboys, ninja and everything you can think of, we wanted another new sparkley-shiney universe and we created Shyll. That was ten years ago and we never ceased to play with it. Just in another way, writing about it that is. So yup, it's still here now, even if it has nothing to do with the children-friendly fantasy-ish universe anymore. Anyway, we mainly worked on the different races, changing names and characteristics, sorting out things that were disturbing us (like how they were three race that were basically the same, or the fact we wanted more alien-like races in terms of physical appearance).

I also like that he's double-time family, because it's not a problem for us if we've got family business when we see each other. We just tag along and our parents don't see any problems here. Like his mother/my aunt often admonishes me because she wants me to come babysit his little sister. She's an adorable five years-old, who always babbling. It's been quite a time since she learnt how to read by herself, and she's far ahead of other children in terms of maturity and abilities, but geez, she's exhausting. She needs a lot of attention and keeping her stimulating can be quite tiring. The fact she's the only one in her age range doesn't help either so she wants us to play with her. Or just be next to her: like she asked my help to do lego but didn't really need it.

We also walked quite a lot in Amiens and I acquainted myself with the horrible and strong wind. The cathedral is gorgeous, as well as the few medieval houses I saw. We also stumbled upon a small bookshop (we had to pass through a bridge to go to the entrance, and there was another entrance at the far end, leading in a street at the other side of the building), where I bought an album about utopias. Expensive but well, if it helps the bookshop owner's business, I don't care. Also went to a small bar with an African atmosphere, and really really good cocktails.

Yeah, no big adventures but I had a wonderful time with my best friend and my family, and that's exactly what I was expecting. Now, tomorrow, I'll see flourflower, whom I absolutely want, need, to speak with. There's much due talking to be done.
Location: Anti Café
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: Two Steps From Hell — To glory