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21 December 2012 @ 12:26 am
Finally the supposed end-of-the-world day  
and I still have a lot to prepare for this special day. In fact, a few friends are coming to celebrate, and I can't wait to be playing many games (video as well as board games) with them. Since there'll also be one of my aunt and the two cousins, whom my father is the tutor (their parents are living in Madagascar), I don't know yet where exactly we'll sleep but, I don't think it'll be a real problem.

So, I have this little to-do list to complete for these next hours.

• To tidy my room a little, (mainly) putting somewhere else Alice's things.
• To install these Christmas decorations my father insist on putting.
• To be sure everyone reach my home safely (but that's for later).

Really, it's not that many things. But it was, indeed, the worst time to begin readin Succession, as well as this funny spork o City of Bones y Cassandra Clare. I know I won't stop reading. I just know it. And that's very fortunate that everyone will be coming in the afternoon or in the evening (except for Kure, but I think I'll ask him to help me with the decorations).

I really can't wait to be this evening.
Mood: enthralledenthralled
Music: I really got no idea about the artist, and am too lazy to ask