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19 November 2012 @ 08:24 pm
Pajamas party  

This week-end was kinda magic. I have no other words.

The girls came on Saturday, and we finally met Kaede's girlfriend, Shina who's a kind (and sorta quiet) girl. As Yaki, Alice and me were mostly singing Bink's Sake through the night, we didn't slept at all (although Yaki lied down for about 45 minutes). I also used the time to remake my hair color since my ginger was long gone. Missing having a flashy color, I added a strand of red on the left side of my bang.

At first, I wanted to sleep outside but, decided against, so we went to the live house at 6am to find a few people, and meet with a friend we met at Daizy lives, at Japan Expo. Then at eight, we decided to move to a Starbucks to wait for a FNAC to open: it was cold and rainy and, we really needed some hot beverage as well as a place to rest a little. Finding one open was some sort of a little war: Bastille's one didn't open till 8am, and Chatelet's one were far worse (10am). So we chose to go to les Champs-Élysées since the FNAC was there too.

We stayed there for a long time: the canapés and chair were so comfortable we ended somehow lazing around and napping. That's when we saw them. Two Japanese people. Moreover ones to look like visual boys. Just at the time I was saying we usually meet staff from the band we're going to see in live. And, that'd be ironic for us to see one of An Cafe members, since I'm not specially fan of them. Same for the other girls (except Alice).

“So, let's go before meeting some people we don't wanna meet.”

I said. And with that, we were departing from Starbucks, checking at the time who the boys were.

Life indeed has a peculiar humor. And likes irony very much.

Which made me rage-draw a lot when we came back to Starbucks about five minutes later, since the FNAC wouldn't open till midday.

Anyway, about the live, it was nearly perfect. Although the band were shy in the beginning (I guess it's because they weren't of how their return would by perceived after two years), as soon as we hurled “OKAERI”, they were back to their usual energetic selves. We danced a lot, headbanged more than advised, taking the space we didn't have to move and make the furitsuke. The setlist was mainly composed of old songs, which was a good thing in regards to the fact I didn't listen to their last release, except for Amazing Blue.

Fans were exactly as I thought. Younglings with their parents, as well as a lot of groupies pushing and making these kya screams we so much like to laugh at. Well, nothing unusual and we're not made of sugar so, it's not a little push up there and there which will kill us. At least, nobody punched or kicked us intently, and everyone was very respectful when the band was speaking. It was agreeable.

As for the band, Takuya smiled, which was a big change compared to the two other times I saw them. And his play matured a lot. As well as Miku. Seeing him not constantly making Nyappy was very refreshing (in fact, he only said it at the end of the live, when they took a pic with the audience), and made him seem much more natural. I just have a problem with Kanon and his wearing-far-too-much-make-up face, reinforced by the fact that the others weren't wearing any apart from the foundation (which is another good point for them).

And right now, my knee has a beautiful scarlet color (because of being smacked in the fence too many times), my neck is hurting like a bitch and my body aches but, I'm really happy to have seen them another time.

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Mood: soresore
Music: Tanaka Kouhei — Binks' sake
Shadeasakiyumemishi on November 19th, 2012 09:21 pm (UTC)
Right, except that there are usually more risks of be killed by a push up than being kissed by it XD

I'm glad I could go at least to one of their lives until now, hope next year will be the same !
Luo: sanjiluorescence on November 20th, 2012 12:22 am (UTC)
For my defense, I tend to click on the words without checking them. That's why pushes up might kiss us. And, they did a wonderful job at it, gifting us with many bruises XD </p>

Well I just corrected it XD