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12 November 2012 @ 08:28 pm
Oh my god!  
I've just discovered some really lame memories from this summer. In fact, from the 31th of July. It was when I was in Lille, staying at asakiyumemis's home. During that time, we would to one of her friends' place, to take care of their cats. And we improvised some sort of karaoke, recording ourselves with my iPhone. And, checking iTunes today, I found said records. Couldn't help but giggling a lot. Because we had two consecutive lives of the band Ace the week-end before, and were still recovering from. So, it's useless to say that our voices were very coarse, nearly broken. 

This is when, roaming on Youtube to search for song, we found the live version of 夜想曲, which is one of my favorites DaizyStripper's songs. That's why we decided to sing it directly, without listening to it before. And that, is undoubtedly, one of the worse idea we ever had. Because, the rhythm differs from the mp3. Moreover Yuugiri tries very hard to be sensual... which ends with a lot of false notes making our ears withering in pain.

Now, just imagine discovering that when singing: realizing that you don't sing at the same rhythm, don't cut the words at the same moment (because, he just changed that), and that the singer's making much more false notes than it should be allowed. It's exactly what happened. And we were so about to laugh, it was really difficult to continue singing.

If I had to chose an image for that thing. I would say the song is some sort of race. And each of us took a different path, crossing each others. Sometimes. So yeah, the result is really bad but damn! It was really funny, and listening to it now makes me grin. A lot.

Anyway, I want to sing the live version of the song once again, but correctly this time.

Mood: amusedamused
Music: Girugamesh — Crying Rain