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29 May 2012 @ 03:48 am
Everything is better to retard the time I'll actually sleep  

I should probably better be sleeping now. After all, it's nearly 4am on this part of the globe, and I had a kinda hard day. Moreover, I've been very moody since yesterday (technically, the day before yesterday but, my internal clock tell me yesterday because I didn't made my night yet).

The fault here is mostly my best friend's one. And mine: important issues I didn't took the time to dealt with before, just caught up with me. And as always, my future is a delicate subject to speak with my father of. It has been like that since 11th grade.

Anyway, to end that with a rather positive note, he finally knows I won't pass the year and will do it again; kinda despise me for that too but well... As I said before, it's not like he approved of what path my studies took a few years ago. And, I am not one who gets discouraged because one's disapproval. Were it the case, there are a lot of things I wouldn't have done. Like getting a second dwarf rabbit.

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