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27 May 2012 @ 06:00 pm
I really wanted to play with some pics...  
Since I am in the mood for posting a little, here I go. At first, I was going to do a meme but, looking at it, I found the questions somehow dull and uninspiring. Instead, I opted for some random thoughts about the series. I found all image's bases on zerochan.

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1. Character: favorite


After all, he is the main reason I began watching Inazuma Eleven. In fact, it was his look and mostly his name, Aphrodi: I couldn't let it go because I love Saint Seiya's Aphrodite. Back to Inazuma, I already loved Aphrodi when he was in Zeus Team, as an more-than-arrogant prick, with an über-ego matching his strength and power. I just loved him more when he joined Raimon in Aliea Academy arc, where we can see that, after he fell from his “god” status to a normal human, he's still as strong-willed and powerful, but also very kind and careful. In Go!, it's showed that he's grown into a attentive and trustful adult, who only think of what's best for his team. I like every bit of his characterization and development through the series, I also watched because of him. It's more than enough to make him my favorite character.

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2. Character: least favorite


In fact, he's a very likable character: the sort of guy with a lot of insecurities, who needs to be reassured and all... But, he always tries to do his best. Moreover, he's good-natured and funny. Two words: speech pattern. I hate it very much. I despise it. The fact he says “ssu” at each sentence end irks me. As well as his voice. And his hissatsu techniques too. Ugh. I can't stand The Wall and The Mountain. That's why he's the one I like the least. With Rika. But that's another story~

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3. Relationship: friendship

Endou, Gouenji, Kidou

The friendship they forget through soccer is really admirable, strong and powerful. The sort of link which last a life-time and is really hard to break, as we can see in Go! that, even with the time passing by and all that happened, it's still there. Their dynamic as a trio friendship is beautiful, and that's one of the thing which appealed me the most in the series. 

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4. Relationship: siblings

Tsurugi brothers

These two are cute, incredibly cute. Just like Gouenji and his little sister. Except that, here, it's Kyousuke doing his best to take care of his older brother (notably by visiting him everyday and stuff like that). To the extend he even chose a path he despised, and Yuuichi didn't approve of, and then reproached him when he learned about it. Which made Kyousuke change. This one certainly need his big brother to look after him, and the older's desire to protect his sibling: it's just adorable.

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5. Ambiance: freshness


Beach. If Tsunami could be summed in a word, beach would be perfect. This guy is warm and cheerful. Passionate too when it comes to soccer and surfing. When Raimon met him in Okinawa, it was like a fresh breeze: since the atmosphere was kind of weary during most of the arc, having him in the team was refreshing. That's why he's one of my favorite character. And I like the fact that he's a dark skin.

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