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27 May 2012 @ 02:51 pm
“Win and you'll be able to see the path you should continue on!”  
It all began some months (or maybe years) ago, when looking at the monthly tv show, Alice Nine Channel. I noticed the guys were talking about a game called Inazuma Eleven. On their blog too, they spoke about it. I was curious since it was a soccer RPG type but, not enough to do further researches. So I let go, forgot about the thing and my life happily went on.

So, what about Inazuma Eleven? Well, when spending some time on Zerochan, looking for some reference pictures for characters in my texts, I stumbled upon this and this. This character is Aphrodi, from Inazuma Eleven. Seeing these beautiful fanart made me curious enough to go on a research about the character.

That's when I learned that Aphrodi was Zeus Team's captain. And my obsessional love for Saint Seiya told me I had to watch the series. I don't regret at all. Even if going through 127 episodes certainly ate a lot of time. I am really in love with Inazuma Eleven. So much I also watched Go! and its currently on air sequel, Chrono Stone. I am also thinking of trying the games one day. Anyway, try it, it's good.

On a random note, I found incredibly funny that Inazuma Eleven Go!'s main character is called Tenma. Moreover when his avatar is Pegasus: meaning that when its armed, Tenma become like a Pegasus Saint. Oh the irony!
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: T-Pistonz+KMC — TachiAgariyo