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10 April 2012 @ 04:00 pm
Lazing around  
Shei stayed at home last night. It was really funny; as always, we spoke a lot of random things, worked a little on Shyllkeaes. We eventually played to Brawl, for at least three or four hours. It was refreshing but, I won't say I was going mad since my level dropped so much. Fortunately, some games with 9 leveled NPC made me nearer from my old level. I continued my FF XIII save too, completing the crystarium some more, meaning I will be able to pursue the story... at least. Finishing the game would be a good idea since I wanna play to FF XIII-2.

Anyway, I am waiting for Shei at McDonald's right now. And my headphones' jack decided it wouldn't work correctly anymore, guess who's gonna have to buy a new one. I really hope it won't cost too much money but well, if my ears want to have music, they will. One must not disobey one's ears' will. It's for my sake. I like to think that anyway, it's slightly better saying I have an insane addiction to music XD By the way, speaking about music; recently, I have been listening Utada Hikaru. More precisely, her Flavor of love single and "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2". Check it, it's really good!
Mood: predatorypredatory
Music: Rhymester — HEAT ISLAND feat. FIRE BALL