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04 March 2012 @ 07:35 pm
when cleaning the tags...  
I DID it! Removed all the unused and useless tags. I deleted some articles too: the ones containing graphics since it's not this journal's theme. Well, I am satisfied now.

By the way, I felt a little strange, reading again all I posted these last years. I didn't post that much: there had been spam at some times, void at others. But I really did surprise myself. 

I've changed. A lot. I was thinking about it for some time now. Because with time passing by, this is something we have to expect. For me, this last year was a turning point; like a path I chose after having longly hesitated at a crossroad. This is especially true for last month. Some many things happened that I feel like it's already been at least six months. I have to thank all my wonderful friends for their support and comprehension.

But to come back to my original ''I've changed". I was somehow surprised to see I had posted a lot more posts in french than what I thought, to switch language to english overnight. Not that I find it bad: because of this journal, my english have approved so much! Even if it's a slight part of the change, I think that's something to note.

Anyway, I'm spinning off again, so back to the topic. Some posts seems so childish now that much time passed, and I'm not speaking about the thing core, but the form. All these "nyappy" and "niouff" from the beginning, I almost am ashamed of these. Because it's certainly not a thing I would write today. Well in fact, not on a blog, let alone with this terms. Guess it was a period to pass (and it's funnier to use emoji on ameba and twitter than on LJ)

Yes I indeed changed, but, in the end, not so much... I guess.
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Music: Kagrra, - 宿命の糸