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21 January 2012 @ 01:27 am
These things happen sometimes  
Hey Sleep,

I may not love you as much as some do but, I really would like you to be more than a phantasm. Yeah, don't you think that could be a wonderful idea? Can't we be friends again, some even think we don't see each other anymore. Isn't that pitiful? Let's take some time to bound, I mean; in other place than everywhere except my bed because it is not that practical. Being awake in a body I almost cannot move is, indeed, a interesting and wonderful experiment but, please understand it is not that healthy for me. 

Look, we don't need to be abrupt. With my exams, I know I am not that available for hanging out together, so what about starting over, little by little? Just a little more each night passing by? I don't know if you will accept but I will be waiting for you.

Then, until next time.

Someone who misses you.
Location: On the couch
Mood: sleepysleepy
Music: Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony — Maybeshewill