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07 December 2011 @ 07:27 pm
And with that no-posts time,  

winter is nearly there. I have been going to university for about two months and everything has been going very smoothly. Both of my Japanese and English seem to have improve a little and lately, I have been thinking on writing another story in English, or maybe translating one into this language.

Anyway, on another topic, like I said, “winter is nearly there” and I am indeed looking forward this period; my father will be far away to visit my brother in China — it will be agreeable to have a little break from his presence — moreover, I will be able to see some friends during the holidays. That is a thing I take much glee in. I also am looking forward going to the large Marché de Noël (Chrismas Market) which takes place south of Les Champ Élysées with them as well as seeing Les Grands Magasins' decorated vitrines — Galeries Lafayette and Printemps at Haussmann boulevard. With Printemps' ones being designed by Karl Lagerfeld, I am very eager to see them, much more than each precedent years.

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