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14 July 2011 @ 09:40 pm
Delighted bliss that won't even show up in this but is still there.  
One day, someone will tell me about time flying so fast, so swiftly I almost can't see it going away before it's long passed. I always end up not updating this journal for a long time and, although I want to post more often, I don't. Anyway, it's already summer here and Japan Expo ended more than one week ago, leaving many precious memories behind it. As for my inscription at l'INALCO, it's been secured and I'm sure to be accepted next October, I even have a letter to prove it. That's something good and it's a relief to me, not to have that to worry about anymore. Moreover, my mental to-do list has one line less and that is indeed something I won't complain about either.

On another different subject, I started writing around last week. Some four hands project with a friend of mine. The story is progressing smoothly and we already wrote more than half a 96 paged copybook. It's really been a pleasure to be able to write on a important thing at least. I missed it very much and ended up buying too many copybooks I don't even know I will fill. But, I will definitely try. I won't give up. 
Mood: refreshedrefreshed
Music: シド — chapter 1