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10 May 2011 @ 07:06 am
Running after D  
It seems like I'm not really home these times. Last week, from tuesday to saturday, I was out, just passing by on saturday's morning to drop off some stuff. Then, I will be in Lyon from thursday to sunday. It will be my first time out of Paris since the New Year's Eve in Lille, and my first live outside Paris at all. Thinking of it now made me realize that I don't travel that much... Guess it will be a good opportunity to see other landscapes! Moreover, my fuzzy memories of Lyon still show me a beautiful aspect of the city. I don't doubt the fact I will be able to make here, as many precious souvenirs as in Paris during the wait for D's live. 

Meeting new important people for my future, making new friends. I am grateful to D to permit me to discover a lot of things; notably the fact that it is possible to organize a trip to see a band you had a crush on within only three days and being totally moneyless at the beginning. Like they said, when you want, you can. We have to reunite at least 300 euros and we already arrived to obtain nearly 160 euros... In just one day so, I am genuinely sure we will succeed in that. Furthermore, we already have the tickets.

So... just a little more efforts and all will be good.
Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Music: Kagrra, — 契