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27 April 2011 @ 10:27 am
How to pass time...  
Wow I've amazed myself: when saying “posting again in Color Bubbles in no time”, I wouldn't have imagined I would do it less than 12 hours later. Really, that's a very enjoyed surprise. Moreover with that, my fatigue just flew far away. And now, I'm just waiting for my bandmate to text me when she'll be in the RER, for taking her home after. We gonna work on Ame no Orchestra again, and maybe another song, I don't know yet but, I'm looking forward it :3 I'm pretty sure it's gonna be as fun as the other times. 

About work again, I decided to put some effort into composing even if I indeed am a composer in that field: I mean that even if I've been playing flutes for years and can also play bass, guitar and drums, my skills at composing are equivalent to nothing. Not that I've ever tried hard before, but that will be the occasion. After all, no tries, no results. 

Anyway, gotta go~
Today will definitely be a wonderful day.