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Working on various things might steal your sleep away...

Time passed by since the last time I updated my journal. I didn't think it would be a little more than two months since my last post: not that I spend it like I used to spend these last months. There had been Girugamesh's live on March the 16th, then Miyavi two weeks later followed by Orochi two weeks later too and saturday will be LIX.. I am going to more and more live, spending a lot of time with my friends while working on a band with said friends, as well as searching for a job and working on a new magazine too. Well in fact, I have been very busy for about a month, not getting a lot of sleep (look it's 7 am and I didn't go to sleep... I had a two minutes sleep when looking at ViViD's new DVD XD) and accumulating tiredness. However, it doesn't really affect my more-than-good mood, because — exhausting or not — I really like what I do.

Anyway I'm thinking of posting again in Color Bubbles in no time. I somehow miss making graphic and it will be the occasion to cool down a little and let Tenga concentrate on other things. Thinking of the artists that will be featured, the first name to come is without no doubt Yuugiri from Daizystripper, a black and white Rock&Read photoshoot that is truly gorgeous. I wanna to something with it. Same for their shoot in Cure vol.65. Another one would be one of my idols, Ryutarou. It's been a long time since I did something with him... And I promised myself to do graphics with every photos he made for Gadget Grow. There have been a few new ones since 2008 so I gotta keep up with that too. And last, what about some D'espa's ones? That should do it! Please wait for it, I will use my non-sleeping time to make them~ 
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