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Rambling about graphs... again.

 O-kay, the moment I thought I would actually be able to write is the moment I began to make icons. Damned Reno. Damned his brightness. After Ruki, Reno, who will be next? I do not want to know. Please shiny shiny visual, do not be so shiny... Is that too hard to ask?

Okay, it might be  my fault, well... How could I resist to such radiance? It's nearly like shoots were howling “Be nice and make something with me! I didn't have enough toshopping now!”. Yes I know, I should go hang myself somewhere. That's what I tell myself since... such a long time I totally forgot when was the first time I thought about it.

Anyway that means I will update Color Bubbles soon, with a bunch of icons made with that Arena37°C Special, which Reno appeared in. Because that photo shoot is really gorgeous. By the way, it's the same shoot I used for my current layout I'm so proud of. Wait for it!
Tags: color bubbles, graphics
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