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05 June 2010 @ 03:39 pm
About working more...  
There are times when I asked myself why I always end up finishing my work just before the deadline, why I can't do it in advance... especially when we're given a lot of time because such work needs it and means also a countless amount of work. Why did I have to push away the thing again and again. I am not distressed yet but fighting since morning with Soulages and having produced less than 10 lines is somehow driving my little by little to despair... that I can't allow. I absolutely have to finish it... then all will be over. No more real schoolwork. Yeah I going to defeat Soulages by the end of the day, then John Cage & cie and finally Enkil Bilal. And monday I will give my dossier to the teacher. I have to. Because if I do not, I won't be able to have my oral exam meaning having a zero. 0 coefficient 3. It would stop my to have my bac... but still. 

Okay okay! I need to concentrate more. Wake up your cherished Tenga and work harder and harder Luo è,é