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01 June 2010 @ 08:55 pm
Anli's signing session  
I was at Boddywood at 3:45pm but didn't stop because it was too early and there weren't anyone. I went right to Baby the Star Shine Bright by foot since it was too far and I also had a lot of time to spend before the signing session (it was at 6pm). The shop manager in his almighty kindness, seeing that was I was overcharged because of my big sketchpad just gave me freely a big pink Baby plastic bag. And when returning the Boddywood, I bought purple eye contacts. Next stop was Starbucks toilets, in oder to put the eye contacts and by the way destroy my make-up (well I hid this with my bang XD). Then, I finished Kiyozumi's draw.

Second time I was at Boddywood, it was 5pm and some persons was there. Not a lot, quite the contrary. I discovered that I also knew some of them and we were two with big bags and gifts. For the other girl it was for each a red bull bull can and a lollipop plus uncured ham for Masatoshi (read this interview XD) and a plushy for Yo-1 (he's her fav'). The ambiance was quite good, we were joking about the band, speaking about D=OUT live's cancellation. Well, nothing really important.

Then the band came,walking into the street, saying us Bonjour, followed by a man with a camera, filming us. He also saluted us because he recognized some of the girls from other lives. We could see them from the outside and it really was a show. Because they were doing stupid things, like playing a weird game with their pen. Takuma was putting his between his nose and his mouth, making funny faces. Shindy took nearly five minutes to bend in oder to grasp his water bottle XXD This guy is a princess. When they had to push the table, he just put his finger, as it would make it suffer to do more. Kiyozumi had his hands under the table, playing with his pen. Yo-1... well I didn't really see him (there was a poster just in front us, on the shop's door, hiding their face and when I was looking in, Yo wasn't really in my field of vision) Masatoshi were... staring at us XD We were told to do something stupid : making Taste me's furitsuke in front of the camera. So being good idiotic fans we did it, also singing "donna", "hana", "donna". Yeah, in front of the band. We didn't feel stupid at all. But well... For my defense, I will just tell that we were told to do so XD

And for the signing session itself. They were in this oder : Yo-1, Masatoshi, Shindy, Kiyozumi, Takuma and we were passing one by one. I gave the photo to Yo-1, then his chibi draw. He was more than happy. Next I gave him yokan (red bean paste) and Masa exclaimed "YOKAN! That's Yokan!" as looking at me. I just nodded. And gave him photo, draw and yokan too. He was more than happy (nearly made me melt with his smile). He must really miss japanese food XD Next Shindy. I asked him if he spoke english and he answered "chotto" (that means he don't speak english very well). I suspected it but it didn't matter, I gave him the sequel to Dracula anyway. (for the story, it was a book my father bought me because of my vampire mania. But the fact is that I just hate Stolker's Dracula and I just know I'll never read the sequel since I did not even finish the first book). And everybody turned to us, wooooing and being all surprised. Shindy's face was just priceless XXD He was more than excited/glad, he nearly jump on the book XD Then, I gave him his draw and Masa said it was cute. That's when I realized that the first still had my photos, waiting for me to take it back which I eventually did (Yeah I'm stupid, I know). I gave Kiyozumi his draw. And finally, it was Takuma's turn. I gave him his draw, and the big draw (on an A3 sheet) I made of the whole groupe. Once again, everyone turned to us as Takuma showed it. I heard them exclaiming and wooing again XD One of them (Masa I think) even said "Maji!" meaning literally "serious!" but it means he was impressed. As I departed, I realized I didn't give Kiyozumi his yokan so one of the staff gave him for me.

Well, I AM SO HAPPY, because they are such sweeties, and seeing them smile at me, thank me for the gifts just made me melt. Aaaah, I'm looking forward tomorrow <3