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07 May 2010 @ 08:56 pm
Spring time  
Wow, a whole month without posting anything anywhere. I missed my LJ. More posting, more spamming. I'll try that. Yeah.

Monday, first school day in the afternoon just after the philosophy lesson, a last-yeared girl tried to commit suicide.
Tuesday, we were all like zombies and totally blown out because of the day before.
Wednesday, everybody seems to get a little better but there is always this strange atmosphere. The cleaning ladies didn't wash all the blood. We could see some of it upstairs.
Thursday, a friend of mine had an argue with a boy ( about the suicide attempt ) and she ran away in another city. My friends had to come after her.
Today, another friend had an anxiety attack in PE and it's far from being nice to hear or see.

Yeah what an ideal week to have after the holidays, isn't it. With all that took place, my mood switchings were even worse than before and I had many argues with my parents. However, this weekend will be relaxing and calming... I hope.

It made me want to change things. Because this layout was to white, linked to winter. I needed something more spring-like. Maybe not colorful but at least merrier. And when I saw the Yumehito's Rock & Read photo shoot I had to use it. He has such an blissful aura. I love it. And I love this new layout although green isn't really my color...

Time to let spring blooms here too o/
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: Plastic Tree ~ Nemureru Mori