February 19th, 2016

Mordin — Thinking

Well, I've been back in Paris for three days and today marks the last day of my "holidays".

I haven't spoken much about it but I'll be part of the salon de Pintemps de la Palette en Franconville, an art exhibition (and a mouthful). I still need to finish the three pieces I'll present: I've got the drafts done for age, but that's pretty much it. I also need to get the frames. So, I have to say, I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. I went to the exhibition last year and it's not like it's something impressive but it still my first and I don't want to disappoint the guy who introduced me to the man who organises the salon.

The other thing is that I need to do the inscription for the ISART but the interviews are right when the salon begins. And, to be fair, I don't feel quite ready yet. I don't think I could prepare myself as best as I could while half of my brain would be focused on the exhibition either. So I'm a bit in a pinch on that front and I need to make my mind up fast.
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