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07 April 2010 @ 08:26 pm
 Look a little less messy
   Get a new haircut
   Get new hair colors ( a vivid red and other colors )
   Cut some old pants and make mini shorts with it
   Get new clothes/hats/accessories/jewelries

   Make a new layout
   Make Rêve de Cristal layout the comma has been deleted so, useless now
   Make new icons (alot in fact)
   Finish Corona in Wonderland project

   Write and post Les Tribulations d'un Otaku en Outre-monde's 2nd chapter
   Post all I wrote
   Roleplay with someone
   Write Shyllkea's next chapter

   Buy some CDs/DVDs
   Be able to play 夢幻ーelectric edenー with bass
   Be able to sing MOON SPIRAL

   Improve my english/german/japanese
   Improve my grades
   Buy a lot of books
   Translate D'espa Now