November 13th, 2010

Twelve — Time & Space

Bittersweet Melancholia

Long time no see ! Nearly 6 months I haven't updated my blog. Kinda forgot it. But I finally finished its new layout and profile layout, and I'm proud of the result. It took me hours to do it but I don't regret it. And Reno is a good guy that let himself be gimped smoothly. Well, it couldn't have been bad since it features Reno anyway XD Moreover, the news color are better with coming winter and I like it better this way. (Yumehito is a real cutie but, well that green wasn't winter-like and began to get on my nerves). 
Twelve — Time & Space


 I'm such a warrior; I decided to make myself a new moodtheme.
Hope I will be able to finish it rapidly but seeing the mood number to do makes be doubt about it.
Fight myself! Fight!