May 21st, 2010

Twelve — Time & Space


Yesterday was my art oral exam. There hadn't any accidents. In fact it went really smoothly. The art teacher was freakingly nice and I did stressed at all. We talk about a lot of thing, mainly my life and my inspirations. I had to introduce Ryutarou to him since he was my model for my work and he said that he was my drawn alter ego... I was so shocked that I nearly felt my mouth drop. Well after, I don't know which grade I'll have, certainly not a 20 but I hope for 15 at least.

Today it was my PE exam. A catch up because the day the exam took place, I couldn't do PE 'cause of my ankle. And all the people who weren't there this day took the exam this morning too. It didn't last long, we were only nine for my group and we just played one game of something like eight minutes with some pauses between before the teachers let us go. 

Next test will be my japanese oral exam. Hope I won't fail it, even if it's just a facultative option which means that I won't lose any point for the bacvif I get a bad grade.