April 7th, 2010

Twelve — Time & Space

春... ようやく

 Woooh, I didn't post since a long time.
I think I have to post more although it isn't like a lot of person were reading this journal.

I AM FINALLY CURED. I mean, peta-cured. No peta today ? Not a problem. It don't do me anything now. That's a lot better for my Zero time which has been extended ( maybe one or two more hour. Peta really are time leeches ).

I've been in a über happy mood lately, I would like it to continue at least 'till the end of the next holidays. Even if I doubt passing my philosophy test. Not that I don't know my lessons but Miss Paoletti can be really tricky. If I have 10/20, I'll be a more than happy girl. But let's stop speaking about depressing things.

Spring eventually came, with sakura blooming. There're a lot of sakura trees in my hometown. It's so beautiful. And the weather's better alot ! Some days, nearly almost like in summer. That's pleasant. Really pleasant that I don't have to wear hose under my mini short anymore.