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01 March 2010 @ 11:13 am
Stolen from my Yuè panda

01. Who was your first JRock band?
Alice Nine, Akatsuki because it was Meine Liebe opening. I immediately fell for it.

02. Who is the latest JRock band you've discovered?
I don't know, there's a lot because I always discover new on Ameba. The last of them I listened to was Delacroix.

03. Who's your favorite JRock Band?
Definitely Alice Nine.

04. 5 other JRock bands you listen to?
Kra, Kagrra,, MUCC, Plastic Tree, D'espairsRay.

05. Are you a fangirl/boy?
I can have pretty fangirl moments, but that's not so often.

06. If yes, of who?
Nao from Alice Nine and Zero from D'espairsRay

07. What's the first JRock song you heard?
Don't remember, maybe some Abingdon Boys School or X Japan because they did some anime opening

08. What's the latest JRock song you heard/downloaded?
Delacroix - Jigoku ni saku hana. Downloaded イヴ - Case ; A

09. Name one JRock song that has a special meaning to you?
Mugen - electric eden - by Alice Nine, hanabi by MUCC, Spica by Plastic Tree...

10. And, why?
Mugen - electric eden - is a big crush. If I remember correctly, I cried the first time I listened to it. It had never happened before. That song just touches my heart so much.

11. Name 3 JRock songs you currently cannot stop listening to?
Cocklobin's songs and more specially Coil, Chloe and Cock 

12. Do you buy JRock magazines?

13. If yes, which is your favourite?
Neo Genesis, but Shoxx and Arena are also enjoyable... same for Rock&Read.

14. Have you ever been to any JRock concerts?

15. If yes, which? If no, who would you like to see?

Gazette in 2007.
2008 : An Cafe and Kagrra,
Last year was An Cafe again, D'espairsRay and MUCC
and for this year, 'till now, UnsraW
I've been to Japan Expo lives too ( Acid Flavor, Nana Kitade, Aoi, machine, miyavi, Kanon Wakeshima, Ra:IN, vistlip, dio )

16. Which JRocker are you most in love/lust with?
In love: Nao ( Alice Nine ), Zero ( D'espairsRay ), Ryutarou ( Plastic Tree ), Yuura ( Kra ), Akiya ( Kagrra, )
In lust: ...hum Nao ?

17. Name 3 JRockers you would like to meet in person?
Nao, Yuura, Saga

18. What would you like to say to the 3 JRockers you have chosen?
Nao: I don't really know. First of all, thanks. Then, a lot of stupid things.
Yuura: WOW ! He's one of my models ; he has a stunning level. Moreover he's adorable because he's really good with his fan.
Saga: Thanks to artist like him I appreciate bass sound, and I decided to play bass. His compositions are great and they have a real rock feeling attached to them. Keep going.

19. Do you have any JRocker as your desktop bg?
Yeah, NaoxSaga

20. Do you have any JRocker poster up your wall?
Yeah. Nightmare, Gazette, MUCC, Ryutarou, UnsraW, D'espairsRay, miyavi, dio, An Cafe, LM.C, Alice Nine, SID, Kagrra,

21. What is your latest JRock CD/DVD?
DVD: Gazette's Repeated Countless Error
CD : MUCC's Kyutai 

22. How many JRock MP3s do you have?
Not gonna count...

23. Do you read JRock fanfic?
Yeah, with certain pairings

24. What is your favourite JRock-related dream?
My JRock-related dreams are somehow... violent or really sadistic and weird. Don't really have a fav.

25. If you could marry a JRocker, who would it be?

26. Last Confession: if you could sleep with any three Jrockers, who would they be?
Nao, Akira ( boogieman ), Yuura.

In the end, there's no real surprise. Alice Nine and Nao come back alot. 
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Mood: calmcalm
Music: DELUHI ~ Shade