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13 February 2010 @ 03:09 pm
Some mornings we shouldn't get up at all  

In oder to make up for lost philosophy hours ( the prof has a fragile health ) we had tree hours this morning although we usually don't have any lessons on saturdays. Okay, not a problem ( even if it's a saturday's morning ). So from 8:30 am to 11:30 am : philo ! 1 and half hour of lesson test and the rest for the lesson itself. Again, not a problem.

The funny thing was that we were only 12. We're 19 in the whole class, it isn't a lot but 12 !!! It must be the saturday morning effect. And there was this teacher in the next class. OH MY GOD ! Screaming and hitting the board with who-knows-what, with her high-pitched voice. Her pupils were too noisy. There was also the pipe gurgling. That's is sooooooo ideal to be concentrated on the test. And then, came the high point of the show : G. was sick and he burst of the class, in the toilets in the hall and vomited during hum... maybe half minutes. Yeah. Awful to do the test. Just imagine :

  • Differentiate the notion of beau and agréable.

  • The one to make this - Okay everybody, it's not because you already did the Renaissance in arts history that we won't do it in history - is Kant -  BWEEEEEURG - In his mind, beau has an universal mean - gurgling - ...
Yeah it's really like this. And worse, so...


...or we all going to die. 
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