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07 November 2009 @ 05:51 pm
A little about school  
Arrrg no more left arm nor left hand thanks to yesterday sport lesson ( which was also the test for the grads ) but anyway that's not really important ( except that I will die when I will do my philo homework... Text explanation just suxx ). Here is something really positiv : my headache gone with my long night and tomorrow, Sakuya and Shei will be there <3

Well here goes some new part of the year and it makes me really glad. So happy because we begin the John Cage's part of the art programm, this artist and all his universe roxx even if his music is somehow special. We begin Les liaisons Dangeureuses from Laclos, bye bye Pascal and his misery of man without God o/ Except that, my friends said that they loved my new colors, that's so sweet <3

I made a review of Kyutai but I will post it later ( and it'll be in french I think but that's not really like a lot of non french-speakers read my personal post so I don't think it'll be a problem ).
Mood: lazylazy
Music: MUCC - Kagerou