Luo (luorescence) wrote,

It's a little like a long week-end of board gaming

and larvaeing, which totally is a word. Basically, I'm in Nantes right now (that's in the west of France) at lilia_purpurea's. With Shei and his girlfriend (who are from Amiens). To give you an idea, they had three-and-a-half hours (train) and about two hours from Paris (train).

So, we arrived on Friday, when we did some shopping. Ended up buying a board game called Tokaido, which is insanely cute (the reason I bought it in the first place since I like visually aesthetic stuff). The goal is collect the most victory point while travelling through the tokaido road by collecting panoramas, food, souvenirs. It's pretty straightforward, fun and light-spirited (as opposed to the backstabby/friendship-breaking game we usually play). Shei bought Titan Race, which isn't what he intended to buy but I happened and he ended up buying that game. No but really, we were looking at games, I saw Titan Race and it looked fun so I put it in Shei's hands to show him. He bought it XD The game is exactly what we flock to: some strategy, lots of backstab and friendship-breaking stuff. Overall, lots of fun.

Friday's night was also when we got to see Deadpool, which completely cracked me up. I absolutely loved it. The humour might be crass, it's violent and scenario pretty meh, but I expected nothing else from Deadpool and it's was gorgeous and hilarious.

Saturday was fighting against the hurling wind in order to get the groceries done. I should probably add that Fea managed to twist her knee the day before we arrived: with the amount of groceries we bought plus the wind, that was fun. We managed to snatch a lovely picture of Shei and his girlfriend and since we are extremely good friends, Fea did a little toshop magic and we collaborated to produce this wonderful chef-d'œuvre.

Then board game night with a colleague of Fea (whom had come to see Deadpool with us) and Alice. Yesterday was lots of larvaeing and a game of Fiasco. Even if, because of the larvaeing, we began to actually play around midnight and didn't finish (because the game is long, I will probably detail it later since it's pretty fun).

And today, we'll probably do some Abyss (another board game where you do some good old backstabbing). 
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