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My brother is finally married!

I have been meaning to post about it but kept not doing it. It's 2:38 am, Yaki's train arrives at 8:44 am and I still don't know if I'm gonna sleep or not so I figure it's the good time to stop delaying and post already.

The preparations were really tiring: helping the cooks, making the last decorations, moving all the chairs and tables around, basically, slaving around for the days preceding the wedding. However, it was completely gorgeous in the end and everyone loved it. It was also fun and the other slaves volunteers were lovely. I also learnt a few things such as one of the kiddos thought I was 15 XD

Couple of funny things happened during the religious wedding: Mamy completely forgot his line about swearing his eternal fidelity and love to Marie so she told it first (they had the same, Mamy just should have said it first). And, during the exchange of the rings... Marie put Mamy's ring on the wrong hand. Then couldn't get it out, then giggled aloud while everyone was wondering what was taking so long and why the hell she was laughing at.

After that, it was generally pretty good, even though I spent most of my time away from my table (though to be fair, most of my table spent their time away from it, half of which went to the table I was squatting XD). But well, there were lots of food, alcohol and dancing so I was really really happy. Also, you will know that strapless dress and rock'n'roll dance do not get well together XD I was adjusting the dress every turn because either my boobs wanted to fly away or the dress wanted to get down, so yeah, not the best arrangement either when you're not pro at rock'n'roll dance and try to follow your partner XD Well, at least, no disastrous incident. And I didn't fall once, even though I spent the whole day on those. And yes, I was so completely girly that day... Until I opened my mouth, of course XD

So, overall it was an extremely awesome day. There's a few things that annoyed me to no end though. My maternal grandfather cancelled a week before the wedding because he was suddenly going on holidays to Madagascar just when the wedding was happening. What a shame *snorts* Though it's more like my grandfather's wife learnt that Shei's mother (who's engaged/married—don't remember if they got around marriage—to one of my uncles on my mother's side) would attend and decided for my grandfather and their kids to nope the wedding because the two can't stand each other and it's not the first time she does that. The other things were all the comments from a cousin and her family (father's side this time. You know, the cousin whose wedding I very much wanted not to attend to last year) about how my other brother should be the next to marry and how they could totally see me as married and with child in the next two or three years and how lovely that would be... And generally how very badly they know me if they think I want marriage *cackles*
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