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20 July 2015 @ 03:10 am
Introducing a bit of healthy in my otherwise quite unhealthy lifestyle  
After my short trip to London on February of 2014 and spending a day with Aku at the gym, I had finally managed to get on with my long time wish to do some physical activity beside muscling my fingers on keyboards and controllers. I had managed to go swimming once a week until June, when the swimming instructors/liveguards decided to go on strike for a full month, meaning no swimming for me. Then, well, you already know about last summer and obviously, with school I couldn't force myself to go back.

Until last week that is. While sleeping in my brothers' room, I had stumbled upon my old and barely used. As in, I had only used them once. My first pair had a defect on the boot cuff and it was the reason skating was painful: somehow, it always managed to cut into the skin through the socks. When I finally got my current one, the friends I used to go skating. Well, to be honest, I mostly learnt how to fall correctly and make myself fall: being brave wouldn't help me getting alive of going down hills where the road was usually busy, and going down hills with steep inclinaison and busy road when not proefficient at all at controlling my speed. So plenty of falls and bruises but at least, I didn't have any accidents. Plus, it was still fun *grins*

So I decided that inline skating would be a good way to introduce physical activity back into my life. Bought some sport wear before I made excuses not to go skating and last Sunday, I just went and had a wonderful time even if the fact that there are lots of hills all around where I live is driving me crazy (I'm getting much better at controlling my speed though). Of course, body wasn't happy with the 1.30 hour of workout and protested the day after. I didn't listen and went back, taking a shorter and less hilly road. At that time, I told myself I'd try to do at least 30 minutes per day of physical activity.

The day after, whole body was protesting against me even harder. I knew skating was probably a bad idea, plus Kiady—don't think I mentioned his name before but he's the cousin who comes home each school holidays—wanted to get some physical activity too (suffers from guilt of being either on his iPad watching videos of LoL or on LoL and neglecting his body when he was extremely active in school because it was a military school). Sadly, his feet didn't fit in my father's rollerblades. So I took both of us to the swimming pool. Oh lords. You know, I was in a swimming club for more or less four years before moving onto scuba diving for five years. I should have expected what happened. I mean, c'mon, myself, I was sore especially in the shoulders and inner thighs, you know, what we use for breaststrokes. I went full fast breaststroke. Somehow, I managed to be surprised and confused at how agonizing the first one was and that I couldn't keep at my usual pace XD I mean even howling myself out of the water was pathetically difficult, though I have to admit it's a bit physical: the border is high for me so I need to kick to propulse myself high enough to be able to put my palms on the border then use the momemtum to howl myself out of water. I did enjoy myself though (water!) and it got completely rid of my inner thighs pain for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was... *snorts* Getting out of bed was painful. Literaly. Didn't go swimming or skating because I'm not that suicidal: I'd already pushed myself a lot and I didn't want to strain a muscle because of overworking them. So I chose to do a bit of yoga, which really helped with the stiffness. Thursday was skating again. Then, on Friday, we went a trip to Decathlon (don't know if there's an equivalent in the US but you can find almost anything sport related from scubadiving to horse riding, decent quality for affordable prices). Got more sport wear because at this rate, one shirt and one pants will never be enough. Some dumbbells, a mat because I love the ground but it's a bit slippery, which is not helpful for yoga. Also, my father bought my cousin a pair of roller skates, which we put to use the same day. Since it rained yesterday it wasn't safe for skating (I have no faith in my ability to brake on slippery ground, much less in Kiady's who's a beginner) so I played a bit with the dumbbells. And today was skating.

Meaning, I've got 7 days of at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a row. I am proud of myself *grins* Just need to keep going!

Notes: You'll know that assembling Ikea furniture while you're sore is extremely disagreeable. Also, why the hell did my father bought a scale which memorised our weight then if you lose some, it flashes green and flashes red if you gain some? I mean, nobody in the home try to lose weight. I don't need the red light of disapproval when the weight I will be gaining will be muscles (though I hope to get rid of some boobs, anyway it's not like my body stores fat anywhere else).
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     Mandya_phoenixdragon on July 20th, 2015 03:13 am (UTC)
Whoot!! Sounds like fun ways to exercise! Would love to do some of that myself...

Azzie's corner of madnessflowsoffire on August 1st, 2015 02:30 pm (UTC)
OMFG. Hardcore! But you can be proud indeed! :D