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Having so much fun

I absolutely love how each game Marie and Mamy buy seems to be about breaking friendship XD I mean you can't win without lots of bluff and stabbing in the back (even by your own team). No but really, it's freaking good. Like usual, actually. Because, yeah, here, we like backstabbing, snorting and smirking at each others while cackling and laughing at each other's misery.

And the whole day has been pretty good. This year, we celebrated Christmas home so no moving to do, which is great. I got a few gifts: tea from one of my cousin, a bit of money from my godfather (gods bless him, I so needed it) and—I'm gonna worship Marie one day—a new board game.

Also, I learnt how to make foie gras (thanks Marie, again) and I'll so make some for New Year's Eve. And the day before yesterday, I properly cooked for the first time since... Erm. I began school? XD I defeated my cousin with mash potatoes. When Hery put a just bit in his dish he was all 'only that, whaaaaat'. Then he understood what I meant when I answered it was very compact and heavy. Like as he said when he tasted it, as heavy as the leg of lamb I did with it. So yeah, the kind of stuff you take 3 mouthful, then you're not hungry anymore XD I'm proud. We're all kinda big eaters and I managed to sate them *smirks* And they're lucky I didn't add cream (which I would totally have done if I had remembered earlier there was some). But really, don't let me feed you ever, if you're conscious about your weigh because what I cook the best is like mash potatoes, hachis parmentier, tartiflette and I'm heavy handed with the cheese and cream.

Speaking of which, lunch was spent with classmates in a fondue & raclette restaurant. So it was a very good day: I spent my day eating (two hours at the restaurant) then when my family was home and after, I stuffed myself with tangorines while we were playing. And tomorrow, we do a brunch.

Most perfect thing would be plenty of leftovers so we don't have to cook for at least one day (it happens often actually).


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