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My stomach is feeding on itself and

I'm currently drowning in a purple bath I needed very much, after a day of procrastinating reading. I've got lots of homework late but it should go fine since next week is finals week so lots of time to do the work I couldn't do last week (half of which I actually began doing). Reassuring things is we're a fair number in that situation and that teachers are really understanding about that sort of thing.

Speaking of which, I don't know if I mentioned it but we have acting classes. And apparently, I'm a scary tyrant XD Also, we had an impro exercize where we'd told our partners to play the 'let's be that' game and they'd answer 'WOW THAT'S A SUPER IDEA'. So, I had to be a 'mosquito crashing into a glass wall'. And well, if you're ever curious or need to write about that kind of thing one day, here's my experience of it.

So first, I was running to the wall. Well, dashing into to wall. I put my right shoulder and arm first to absorb part of the impact, while splaying my other arm to make my point (because it wasn't obvious enough I'd just crashed into the wall). I knew I'd had the wall a bit hard (twas my goal) but just not that hard. Apparently it was as impressive as the bang was (and the people in the other room must have been quite puzzled XD). Remember the cartoon characters running into walls? It's exactly that. I don't know how it looked from the outside, but inside, while not shaking like in the cartoons, I could feel the impact rippling through my internal organs on the right side, while my breath was violently expelled. I didn't stay in that position for long but my right side was hurting like hell when I went on with the performance and I was stumbling and shaking a bit because of the pain (though my comrades mistook it for hesitation when I walk into the wall another time, much more softer this time). I wouldn't be able to tell how long the pain and soreness last but I feel like no more than 5 minutes and no bruise or soreness in my right side today.

And since I'm speaking about running, when Fea was home, instead of doing homework, I did a watercolor illustration! Comics style because I wanted to concentrate on the bodies and positions, not making a realistic face. Just click on the pic to get the full size.

And there was a lot of discussion over the Doctor that evening XD First because I absolutely wanted to keep the Doctor's position believable and correct (it's the exact moment when he turns to grab Clara's hand). However, I also wanted to keep his face and his ass visible, which is why his pants are tighter than what he wears when he's with Clara. And hell, man, it was hard to get the good position (look at his feet to see where he's going, which is not the right side of the sheet). Also did that because in comics, it's usually the females with these kinds of positions to show lots of boobs and asses, though very exagerated and often in situation not requiring these kind of contorsions. I wanted to do some kind of male equivalent while keeping it believable. Making Clara was really easy compared to Eleven and coming up with clothes she'd wear much smoother than expected. Got wild with the colors so Eleven's hair is more red than brown but at that point, I really don't care XD Also, did the background with watercolor paint, when I did the characters with watercolor pencils (because I was not caring at that point, just wanted to finish the illustration XD).
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