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I think you'll have to bear with me speaking about homework the whole school year

So. I finished my labyrinth city earlier and, well. It's smashing. I know it is. I could integrate every element of the original rough, except the steel cables but that's a choice: it would've been just too much and they would've hidden all the details in background. The result is exactly how I wanted the drawing to be: clearly sci-fi, neat and clean, but even more labyrinth-like and city-like (all the indications do wonders for that). And that time, I know all my stairs are good XD

And if you're interested, I started with a concept for the drawing. An thriving off-planet mining colony. So, people work underground and live above in the pods. The more people there are, the more pods they add, stacking them on each others wherever there's some place. I was very inspired by the pods used in off-planet colonies, in Mass Effect, like this. Anyway, 7 is the district and the numbers next are the pod's number (in the words, the address).

Still about art, but much more interesting for you. I needed to get some not-assignment related proper drawing (as opposed to the sketch I'm often showing you) and I ended up frowning myself a Twelve (click on the image to see the original size). I'm deeply in love with Capaldi because, omg. All these lines. That frown! So so funny to draw and I could gush all day about how that's something I like with a bit older people (though Matt Smith is included with that caricatural face of his). Though I have to admit I whined 'Matt, please come back' because I hate Twelve's hair. So I made his hair longer than it is in the ref pic.

Also, celebrating finishing my city, I decided to play with watercolors, which you should keep me away from at ungodly hours in the night XD No but really, working tht late, with only my bedlight, let's say I couldn't care less about shapes and colors, I'm just being sloppy as hell that everyone needs some colors to brighten their day, dying Time Lords more than anyone else.

Off to bed now. And I swear, one of these days, I'll comment keep up with all your posts.
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