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It's only the beginning but well, it's rough. The schedule I mean: not-so-slowly, we can see the workload pilling up XD Still, I've been able to keep up with everything and also keeping some time for gaming or reading, anything that isn't work, though couldn't keep in touch with online life. I swear, I'm gonna succeed one day! And I miss you, and the daily convos so I'd better get better at that soon.

Anyway, so first 'big' assignment was in visual development and graphic. We had to chose a scene from a fairytale/fable/legend and make an illustration using China ink. Silhouettes only and black and white (no shades of grey allowed at all).

That's the kind of thing he wanted us to do:

They're made by last year's AP and if not the best graded, they are his favorites and he explained us what was very cool with them and the kind of stuff he expected: not the drawing level (since it's not proper drawing because silhouettes XD), but well, he explained what was very cool with it and the kind of stuff he expected: not the drawing level (since it's not proper drawing because silhouettes XD), but the composition and depth, how many levels we could do, playing with the black and white.

Also, we had one week to do it.

I started sketching the same day, for the first of my ideas, Alice in Wonderland. At that point, I didn't think I'd choose it because it's so classic (plus, it was in the example he showed us) and I really wanted to do some Norse mythology scene, or one from the Little Prince. Anyway, the goal was also to make a draft in order to get used to China ink since my last adventures weren't really satisfactory.

And I came up with the thing on the left. Which wasn't satisfying at all but helped me see what exactly I wanted: the mad hatter profile. And profile silhouette is one of my drawing kinks. As is Eleven's profile.

Well, when I came up with the final base composition four days later (last Friday), choosing to a big profile and the whole thing in it. Aaaaaand the mad hatter kinda morphed into Eleven XD I swear I didn't do it on purpose! XD I like that compo, though I found it a tad messy, and finally made my mind on keeping that. Have to admit that my mates found the idea really really and were all enthusiastic about it.

I didn't touch it again before the day before de date though. The final art took me hours since I had to redraw, change some things and ink it. Plus, took me forever because I kept modifying things.

Completely worth it though. It came out really really nice. Mates were completely awed and loved it (they did great things too o/) and I think the teacher will like it. At least, the compo is original XD

And (since Azzie was asking me if I'd post it), here it is o/

And as a random note: thanks gods for 3G, because we got no internet home right now XD

Well, 'm getting up in less than 3 hours, so nighty night!

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