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Lj-cut be blessed because my fingers ran wild, again

Last post was the LJ app bugging, which is why it didn't make sense (twas a comment XD).

So, my first week came to an end and though I loved every day, I so happy it's finally the week-end because I'm gonna be able to sleep a bit more; I've been going on 2 to 4 hours nights since monday and capable to keep going like that during the day.

Anyway, we've made plenty of stuff. Well, the most important things in images, it's more fun that way XD

Cubes and grids. Lots of them. Lines must be straight and parallel, of course. Rulers not allowed. Needless to say, I'll have to do much more of them: got a assignment for tuesday that consists of doing a grid with cubes on it (a bit like the sketch with the shadowed cubes).

And the cubes are driving us crazy, that kind of crazy XD

The 'Cubane' and not 'Cubain' is intentional. And the ones you won't understand (well non-francophones) are dirty puns based on the fact that 'cul' (butt) is pronounced is same way as Q is. 'Encube' being 'encule' meaning 'to screw'. Also, 'film de Qbes' is 'film de cul'. In other words, porn. And now that I think about it, lots of slang refers to sexual things as butt things XD

Well, first symptoms of our cube madness might've been the 'Cube well!' as goodbyes, and the 'Look! Cubes! Grids! OMG this so not straight, not parallel. Look! It's wavy, damn!'.

Also, columns. Because 3 hours and a half speaking of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns in architecture, which I don't mind. No, my biggest problem with architecture is the plethora of technical terms extremely specific and that is most of the time, just used for one peculiar style. But, we learned how to draw a Doric column and a Corithian capital and the later is surprisingly easy. Starts with a square XD

We've got assignments in all classes we had this week and the biggest is for the graphism and visual dev class. So we've got to do a scene with silhouettes, using china ink only and illustrate a tale, legend or a fable.

So yeah, the composition is essential and it's really the most difficult part. It took me four day for me to come up with a satisfying composition and I've sill not finished the draft. But I'll get to that in a later article.

To say that I'm thankful for the free periods we're allowed: half a day this week and a whole day next week. Although we got a classroom for these, people don't have to attend. It's working-on-your-projects time. Very welcome when we already got a group project (writing a short scenary and my group did the hardest part today, grids and cubes to do, columns, illustrations, more cubes, spheres aaaaand finish (redraw in my case) a scenery (which includes lots of cubing). Also, it's a very good time to speak and help each other with our assignments (or being stupid XD the drawing on the board were made during that time).

And to finish, before I go have some nice time with Sleep, a fast sketch of Ten for you o/

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