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Well, I've been back in Paris for three days and today marks the last day of my "holidays".

I haven't spoken much about it but I'll be part of the salon de Pintemps de la Palette en Franconville, an art exhibition (and a mouthful). I still need to finish the three pieces I'll present: I've got the drafts done for age, but that's pretty much it. I also need to get the frames. So, I have to say, I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. I went to the exhibition last year and it's not like it's something impressive but it still my first and I don't want to disappoint the guy who introduced me to the man who organises the salon.

The other thing is that I need to do the inscription for the ISART but the interviews are right when the salon begins. And, to be fair, I don't feel quite ready yet. I don't think I could prepare myself as best as I could while half of my brain would be focused on the exhibition either. So I'm a bit in a pinch on that front and I need to make my mind up fast.
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Ten — Fire the awesomeness

It's a little like a long week-end of board gaming

and larvaeing, which totally is a word. Basically, I'm in Nantes right now (that's in the west of France) at lilia_purpurea's. With Shei and his girlfriend (who are from Amiens). To give you an idea, they had three-and-a-half hours (train) and about two hours from Paris (train).

So, we arrived on Friday, when we did some shopping. Ended up buying a board game called Tokaido, which is insanely cute (the reason I bought it in the first place since I like visually aesthetic stuff). The goal is collect the most victory point while travelling through the tokaido road by collecting panoramas, food, souvenirs. It's pretty straightforward, fun and light-spirited (as opposed to the backstabby/friendship-breaking game we usually play). Shei bought Titan Race, which isn't what he intended to buy but I happened and he ended up buying that game. No but really, we were looking at games, I saw Titan Race and it looked fun so I put it in Shei's hands to show him. He bought it XD The game is exactly what we flock to: some strategy, lots of backstab and friendship-breaking stuff. Overall, lots of fun.

Friday's night was also when we got to see Deadpool, which completely cracked me up. I absolutely loved it. The humour might be crass, it's violent and scenario pretty meh, but I expected nothing else from Deadpool and it's was gorgeous and hilarious.

Saturday was fighting against the hurling wind in order to get the groceries done. I should probably add that Fea managed to twist her knee the day before we arrived: with the amount of groceries we bought plus the wind, that was fun. We managed to snatch a lovely picture of Shei and his girlfriend and since we are extremely good friends, Fea did a little toshop magic and we collaborated to produce this wonderful chef-d'œuvre.

Then board game night with a colleague of Fea (whom had come to see Deadpool with us) and Alice. Yesterday was lots of larvaeing and a game of Fiasco. Even if, because of the larvaeing, we began to actually play around midnight and didn't finish (because the game is long, I will probably detail it later since it's pretty fun).

And today, we'll probably do some Abyss (another board game where you do some good old backstabbing). 
SPN — There! You idiot!

Please ignore the fact that I still suck at updating

because no amount of “damn it, Luo, move it and update!” and daily guilt will make me move until the time has come. I'm just that terrible about keeping in touch in general and, once a habit is broken, it's quite hard to rebuild it (as hard as to lose bad habits).

For example, the NaNo was extremely hard on me and I discovered quite a few things. Words wars are not my cup of tea at all. I mean, it's not like I can't write during words wars because I do and it works. My problem lies with the fact that words wars are made for people to try just to put the words on paper, ignore the faults and just write. It made me feel like I was vomiting words. Even with my weeks of writing to get back into writing, I still felt the stiffness of not using my writing muscles for almost one year.

I did it, something I fucking managed to get to 50,000 words. Then proceeded unto scrapping away about 40,000 words away because it felt like I was writing layer of poop upon layer of poop. I can't even blame my inspiration. My writing just felt off. Mind you, I haven't deleted the files, I just put them into an "Old" folder for potential future use but still, it's jarring.

That being said, since I'm stubborn and ridiculously obssessed with my NaNo, I finally managed to shape it into that doesn't make me bash my head against a wall (the technical aspect I mean, not the plot or the worldbuilding).

If you want to take a look at it, it's there. Mind you, it's a HP fanfic and full of OCs.
Shion — Laughter

NaNo coming, Luo posting

I finally decided it was time to get back into posting more regularly... Okay, mostly, the NaNo is coming and LJ seems like the best place to complain speak about it.

Speaking of which, looks like I'm gonna have a good social life for the next month. This time, I kicked myself in the balls and went to the Meet&Greet (last Satursday) and also registered for the kick-off (next Satursday). The Meet&Greet was lovely and eight of us ended up in a bar and being invited at one girl's place the day after. So I spent Sunday's evening there and it was great and funny.

I really can't wait for the kick-off as it takes place at the BPI and I absolutely love this place. BPI being Pompidou—as in the Centre Georges Pompidou, the contemporary art musuem—and the only Parisian library who is both free and closes at 10pm. And having the kick-off, which lasts all night, taking place there is such a wonderful thing.

Off to continue preparing the NaNo then.
Gatsby — Want a drink?

My brother is finally married!

I have been meaning to post about it but kept not doing it. It's 2:38 am, Yaki's train arrives at 8:44 am and I still don't know if I'm gonna sleep or not so I figure it's the good time to stop delaying and post already.

The preparations were really tiring: helping the cooks, making the last decorations, moving all the chairs and tables around, basically, slaving around for the days preceding the wedding. However, it was completely gorgeous in the end and everyone loved it. It was also fun and the other slaves volunteers were lovely. I also learnt a few things such as one of the kiddos thought I was 15 XD

Couple of funny things happened during the religious wedding: Mamy completely forgot his line about swearing his eternal fidelity and love to Marie so she told it first (they had the same, Mamy just should have said it first). And, during the exchange of the rings... Marie put Mamy's ring on the wrong hand. Then couldn't get it out, then giggled aloud while everyone was wondering what was taking so long and why the hell she was laughing at.

After that, it was generally pretty good, even though I spent most of my time away from my table (though to be fair, most of my table spent their time away from it, half of which went to the table I was squatting XD). But well, there were lots of food, alcohol and dancing so I was really really happy. Also, you will know that strapless dress and rock'n'roll dance do not get well together XD I was adjusting the dress every turn because either my boobs wanted to fly away or the dress wanted to get down, so yeah, not the best arrangement either when you're not pro at rock'n'roll dance and try to follow your partner XD Well, at least, no disastrous incident. And I didn't fall once, even though I spent the whole day on those. And yes, I was so completely girly that day... Until I opened my mouth, of course XD

So, overall it was an extremely awesome day. There's a few things that annoyed me to no end though. My maternal grandfather cancelled a week before the wedding because he was suddenly going on holidays to Madagascar just when the wedding was happening. What a shame *snorts* Though it's more like my grandfather's wife learnt that Shei's mother (who's engaged/married—don't remember if they got around marriage—to one of my uncles on my mother's side) would attend and decided for my grandfather and their kids to nope the wedding because the two can't stand each other and it's not the first time she does that. The other things were all the comments from a cousin and her family (father's side this time. You know, the cousin whose wedding I very much wanted not to attend to last year) about how my other brother should be the next to marry and how they could totally see me as married and with child in the next two or three years and how lovely that would be... And generally how very badly they know me if they think I want marriage *cackles*
Liv — Brain high

Introducing a bit of healthy in my otherwise quite unhealthy lifestyle

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Meaning, I've got 7 days of at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a row. I am proud of myself *grins* Just need to keep going!

Notes: You'll know that assembling Ikea furniture while you're sore is extremely disagreeable. Also, why the hell did my father bought a scale which memorised our weight then if you lose some, it flashes green and flashes red if you gain some? I mean, nobody in the home try to lose weight. I don't need the red light of disapproval when the weight I will be gaining will be muscles (though I hope to get rid of some boobs, anyway it's not like my body stores fat anywhere else).
Twelve — Time & Space


Even though I haven't posted for a while, I'm still very much alive and back! Last couple of months were rough on me: I couldn't concentrate at all at school and missed my fair share of classes. Ended up having too much homework to catch up to. Well, it's not that I didn't do it, it's just that I never gave them in because they were so rushed they made me cringe.

Gemini's death back in March didn't help at all. I refused for any autopsy to be made but I'm absolutely sure it was a gastric problem. To be honest, one part of me is extremely happy it happened because it was the shock that made my parents aware that they had a big responsability in it: I've been telling them for years not to give them cereals, including rice, bread or anything like that while their only reaction was to brush my comments aside and say 'yeah yeah, oh, Wizz/Gemini, your master is so mean! *give them bad treats*. Which is pretty positive, because my new bunny, Galahad (Lancelot's son as well as one of the three knights who found the Holy Grail) is as healthy as he could be and only eats what he should. And is an adorable little scoundrel.

Back to the present, I just renewed my paid account and try not to skip 6 months this time, though I did post more during the first six months than ever before XD Took the occasion to change the layout from Eleven to Twelve, put some summer colors to go with my current mood.
Clara & Eleven — Remember me

It's been a while

and I don't feel like posting in the different commus right now, but I wrote something! So, back in september, I said that:

I've been inspired by—surprise!—Doctor Who, a tiny tiny detail actually. When Eleven meet Clara in the Bells of Saint John, she's 24. When Strax makes her physical examination in Deep Breath, he says she's 27. We don't know when the scene at Clara's time period takes place but generally it mirrors our time, so I assuming her original time period is 2014 right now. Plot is to show the progression of the events happening in her original time period vs. what's happening while she's time travelling with the Doctor (and Jack) and how she got three years wrapped in one.

So, yeap, I've edited/rewritten the text. And that was harder than expected because of another detail that made my mind go boom!

When I said Clara was 24 when she met the Doctor, I was assuming she was because of her book, 101 place to see, where contrary to all the other numbers, the 24 has yet to be crossed. BUT, of course, that kind of stuff would happen: they gave us Clara's birthday in Dark Waters, which is the 23th November 1986. Pretty seeing that Strax told us she was 27, and pretty good because it means I'd guess right for Clara's original time period. It's 2014 when she travels with Twelve. Now, the problem? She's born in 1986. She can't be 24 in 2013, when she meets the Doctor for the first time. And I'm pretty sure even the Doctor can't change the time paradox it'd be. So yeap, to the thrash my 'three years in one'. Ugh.

Found a rather satisfying solution though. And the fic is here
Clever — Is brilliant

Answer for question 4198.

Have you ever binge-watched a TV series? If so, what was it? Why did you like it so much?
Erm. When not watching episodes as they are released, I'm always binge-watching TV series (including anime). Whether I like them or not. Though, if they don't keep my interest, I just stop then might binge-watch them later (sometimes years later).
Jack — Golden wing

I'm doing the yearly writing meme, just like last year

Word count: 47,968 of published stuff. If I had to count everything written on notebooks and all the editing, it be more akin to 70,000 words.

Overall Thoughts: The word count is mediocre compared to last year (140,000+ words). That being said, I must take in account I haven't got as much time to write as I used to because of school. And I haven't even written since september. I'm a bit disappointed in myself but it could be worse. Positive thing is that I got much better in English seeing I've been writing almost only in English this year. Speaking of writing goals, I haven't completed much: if I didn't start new series, I haven't even finished editiing last year's NaNo (amongst all the stuff I need to work on).

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